Sunday, February 27, 2011

Darling's new bolster cover

I have been slacking for the past one month and no creations. Finally today, I decided to make my darling a new bolster cover. That is the perk of staying at home the whole day.

Blue bolster
I used two types of fabric - Alexander Henry's 2D Zoo Pool and Kona Solid. I have also added a dark purple ribbon in between to complement.

Edna drinks her milk with the new bolster

Friday, February 4, 2011

Cushion covers for the Lunar New Year

Zipper Cushions
 Huat ah! Happy Lunar New Year to all out there. :)

These are made just in time for this festive, using Sweet Divinity Fabric by the Quilted Fish for Riley Blake - Sweet Main in Cream. I added a zipper to it. My cousins love them as well.

Edna helps me with the ruler
Edna helped me too. She was waiting for me patiently while I was measuring and cutting the fabric. I think she loves to sew too as she is curious everytime I am sewing. Yes. I have a successor in the making!