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Handmade Small Pouches for Sale - Can contain 30 credit or discount cards comfortably

I have made big and long pouches in the last few weeks. How about a smaller version now?

A request came from my friend M that she needs a pouch or something to hold her shopping discount cards, though I have yet to make an exact type she requested.(M, I'm still exploring, don't worry!)

I did some research and selected this measurement - 5" (W) x 4" (H) which is great for ladies to put their shopping discount cards or credit cards in their handbags. The best part is you can put 30 cards comfortably. I tried and tested using my own shopping cards, not bluffing. :)

Here are some designs.

More designs here.

Scrapbooking - Daughter's first year birthday

I know. I know. This is really long overdue. :) I never realised scrapbooking can be really fun, and of course at an expense. But the thought behind was to create a memory that can last very long, I believed it was worth it. Worth the wait, money and time.

I will be sharing more designs in the coming months. Who knows, one day I might be a craft instructor. Now, I really need a big table!

New Tissue Cover Pouches for Sale

Hi everyone,
I did 3 more designs on tissue cover pouches. These fabrics are all imported from Japan. I have no questions about their material. So will you. :)

Click here for details.
Cost - SGD 6.90 with FOC postage to Singapore.

Chinese Paper Cutting Workshop

I went for a paper cutting workshop held at The Jelutung Community Centre last sunday. The class is filled with more than 30 people. There were children and adults of all ages. Some brought their children and grandchild, some went alone like myself.

It was more like a cutting session for me and at first I assumed it was more of the chinese characters for the chinese new year. Rather, it was actually cute pictures designed by the instructor.

Here are the designs that I have done during the raining day.

My right hand ached that very night. *ouch*

Ann Kelle's Urban Zoologie Series Zipper Pouch for Sale

Ann Kelle (by Robert Kaufman) is one of my favorite designers. I love her latest Urban Zoologie series. I want to make something and share with my friends and fans. Here are the latest zipper pouches that I have made for sale. You will be nodding your head that these are extremely cute!

Click for more details.

My New Facebook Fanpage

I did some research and comparison on the internet over the last few days and decided to create a fanpage, dedicated to Joeycraftworkz.

There are so many fanpage types that I have to pick. Finally, I chose Local Business after googling.

The fanpage allows me to link to my Etsy shop (click on the top left side - view screenshot below), which is terrific for my fans to browse through my items on a neater arrangement as compared to photo albums.

I have also created a Facebook social plugin and added on the right side of my blog.

There are so much to learn on Social Media Marketing.

My creativity juice is flowing out now. So fun!

PS. My facebook fanpage link is Do LIKE it if you can to support me as a Singapore Handmade Crafter. :)

Launch of my online shop at Etsy

A piece of good news for all. :)

I realised that it is quite difficult to list down all my handmade items for sale in my blog or facebook, especially when my inventory list gets bigger, as I move forward that is.

For ease of shopping, I have listed all my inventories at, a online portal where all handmade items are sold locally and internationally.

The link is Here is a screenshot of my shop.

This place accepts Paypal, which is great! However, for Singapore buyers who do not have a Paypal account, do not worry. I still accept internet bank transfer to POSB or UOB.

I will be launching new designs for the Zipper Pouch. Look out for them!

Spotlight Quilting Expo

I chanced upon an event which quilting lovers will love to attend. There will be a Quilting Expo, organised by Spotlight in Singapore, Australia and New Zealand. In Singapore, the event will be held on 10 September at Plaza Singapura between 10am to 2pm.

For more details on this event, you can visit The best part is that there are some free projects that you can download too!

Personally, in my opinion, I feel that it is good for beginners to attend. I am still considering if I should go. Oh BTW, a free copy of the above can be picked up at Spotlight. There are some extra tips which I think it is very useful for beginners like me.