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Dec ATC - Reveal

After some delay in the collation of the artistic trading cards for the December theme - Christmas, I managed to get my share in my mailbox yesterday.

Here is my design. It was quite a simple design, hence I never take a lot of photos on the process.

I used black cardstock for the first time for the background. Pasted some tapes on the top and added rhinestone too.

Will share the members' cards in the next post. :)

Feb ATC - Sneak

I am in the midst of conceptualising what design I should do for the February Artistic Trading Card exchange. This time, Olive is the hostess for the month with the theme - LOVE. I guess it is due to the upcoming Valentine's Day. :)

It also happen to fall in the same month as the Chinese Lunar New Year.

The only emblishment I could think of right now is this. Shall dig more soon before the New Year celebration arrives on 10 Feb.

Chinese New Year Cushion Covers - Fabric from Ikea

I am hooked on making new cushion covers actually. They are the easiest to make and I can throw away the old ones that I bought at the shopping malls. In fact, it was not easy to find a cover that I like. So the best way is to make them myself.

I used the fabric that I bought from Ikea last year. They are thicker than the normal cotton ones. Some of us called them oxford cotton. I decided to use some laces this time. I bought the lace at Texile Centre and they are Japan embroidery. Quality is good!

I sewed the laces on the edges of the back cover.

The finished products. Feels like living in a cottage due to the vintage design.

If you are interested to make one yourself, here are the measurements for a 16x16" cover.
1. Cut one piece of 17x17" fabric for the front
2. Then cut 2 pieces of 17x11" fabric for the back

Have fun.

Chinese New Year New Pants - Pink Elephant

Today is the last sunday of January. In another few more days it will be February. This also means that Chinese Lunar New Year is fast approaching and I have not really finished packing and organising my house. Haiz!

At least, I did some shopping for some new items for the house. But I have not bought any new clothes for myself. :(

I finished sewing one pink elephant pants for E. :)

I traced one of the pattern from Cucito Vol 2 - Chinese magazine. I think I picked the bigger size. I folded the bottom up. This allows me to unstitch and adjust when she grows taller in the future.

I cut the fabric and overlocked the edges before sewing the front and back together. Then I inserted the elastic band on the waistline.


I did one smaller version using blue elephant for my nephew. (Forgot to take photo)

Again, it was challenging for me to ask the model to take photos. She does not like to look at the camera!!

Shall share my newly made New Year cushion covers in the next post.

Good nig…

My Project Life Tools - Essentials

Last night, I managed to sleep well as my kid was getting better. No more sleepless nights ahead. Phew! She is back in school and definately lots to tell us later after class.

I am on track with Project Life for the past years. Just finished 2012. Shall commence on 2011. I don't have lots of journalling but more photographes and captions on them. As I did the pages, I realised that some tools are important to me. Without them, I will be handicapped. Hence they are always within my reach on my scrapbook table.

Here are the ones, which you will agree with me, if you are onto Project Life:

I trusted my Canon Selphy printer so much that I hardly visit the shop now to develop my photos. I love the convenience printing at home. Best of all, it is in 4R. You can also use photo paper to print on your colour printer too.

Besides using number stickers on the journalling card, a date stamp is important.  You can record the event date of the milestone or important events.

Just to give a varie…

Project Life 2013

I have 4 sleepless nights continuously. Kid is sick, and still sick. More medicine from the doctor today. Haiz. Tried to take naps but could not sleep a lot too. I am trying to be patient to her but glad my hubby is taking the day off to help look after her.

(Oh man, I just realised I forgot to switch the rice cooker on....*pat my forehead*)

Today, I am sharing some snapshots of the Project Life that I am doing for 2013.

If you asked me if I planned how I lay them out, the answer is NO. Most of my friends are documenting via weekly, but I am doing monthly because I don't want to create stress to myself as I just started Project Life. I lay them out based on my preferences. As you can see, I hardly use white cardstock as the background. I love colourful images.

That's all for today. *yawn*

Mimi in hot air balloon

Bought this stamp long ago but have no confidence in colouring with copic markers then. When I started colouring, I realised that my colours are not enough to play around. I just have to make do with them. Till there is a sale at art friend again, hopefully this year.

Which Mimi do you like? I like the right side Mimi.

These days, I have been arranging my 3 years of backlog photos, slotting them into page protectors into the album. It was a BIG project. And I almost forgotten the significance of the photos. All thanks to my diary, at least I was able to track what were the milestones made. Initially, I chose to paste them all in the SMASH books. After printing the photographes, they are simply too many to paste onto the SMASH books, resulting in thick books. The best part will be that it is easier for a kid like my daughter to flap through the album and will not spolit the designs. (I have lots of dog ears on the SMASH book that I did for outings. :( )

Oh ya, in addition, I am also d…

A New Year with a New ATC Sneak

I love weekends. Maybe we get to bring our kid out to enjoy outdoor activities. Today is the first weekend of 2013 and we just finished dipping ourselves in the pool and enjoyed MacDonalds after that. Surprisingly, the little one likes to eat the Twister fries. Wonder why.

I took part in the brand new year's ATC exchange again! This time, Li Rong, the hostess gave us the theme ' WASHIS'. I should be very happy cos I have been using washis for most of the artistic trading cards that I did in 2012. Strangely, this one hit me and I was kinda lost on what to do.

Luckily, I managed to design and complete them yesterday. Here is a sneak on what I used.

I just completed one page of the Project Life album yesterday. I can't imagine that it was so easy and I resisted for a year. For those who planned to do it, take it easy and you can complete in no time. Just need to remember to take photos of the outings or events you have been too. The journalling part will be easy.

Have a g…

Art and Craft Session

Today is the first day of school. It started off with a rainy morning and I was worried I could not wake up on time to send my girl to school. I was up since 7.30am. I am a bit sleepy now, but nevermind, later I will nap with her when she is back in the afternoon.

During the last week of the school holidays, I bought an art and craft book from Popular bookshop. It consists two parts - tear and paste and also colouring.

I wanted to train her to use the glue and paste the object onto the designated area. It was a struggle at first cos she wanted to do her way and I insisted she was wrong. We left the unfinished work aside and took a nap before trying again. This time, she was more cooperative and managed to complete the pasting of the whole book.

She wanted me to buy more of such book. Glad she is enjoying herself.

Hello 2013 and Project Life

Hello 2013!!

It was an eventful morning with a minor slip-up by the little one and we had to go to the hospital. Luckily, all went well after 2 hours of waiting to see the doctor. The food came out by itself and we left soon after.

Finally, I had the courage to tear open the plastic sheet of my new album from American Crafts for Project Life. Yippee!!

Most of the people chose to use Becky Higgin's Project Life's kit. But I chose Amercian Crafts as I bought this album in early 2012 with page protectors. It will be wasteful to buy the original kit. Maybe I will consider buying when I finish this album.

I picked this Jan 4 x 6 journal card from Simple Life Stories.  I love refreshing colours which brightened the overall look.

I already started taking photos to place into the sections.

Tomorrow is the first day of school for the little one. I guess I have enough photos for the week. However, in order not to give myself too much pressure since I am new to the game, I will not st…