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July and August ATC Group Reveal

I love this cooling weather, not too hot and with some rain. I sat in front of my laptop, watching Korean drama. This is also a great time for me to catch up on some backlogs - selecting photos for my July project life to print, conceptualise the next ATC theme and possibly some housechores.

Oh yeah, I received both my July and August group artistic trading cards on the same day. They are all beautifully done up. Take a look.

August ATC - Reveal

I realised something. There is a trend in me.


Whenever I have a chance, I would love to use my stamps and colour with my copics. I am not an expert in colouring but I will try my best to colour well in all the attempts. How I wish I can expand my current collections. That will be on hold. For now.

I was squeezed for time to create my August ATC with theme - moon and/or star. I did not have any moon related items, but certainly lots of stars!

I used the Penny Black - Birthday Wish stamp - Mimi with party hat and balloon. I like her a lot. Used to collect them before I quit my job.

I used the red checkers washi at the bottom and pasted 2 silvers and 2 gold stars that I cut out. I bought the stars from Daiso.

My daughter did her own version. You can find it here if you are interested.

July ATC - Reveal

How did you spend your August? Being a SAHM, I realised I don't go by the days anymore. Rather, in a wink of the eye, another month just flied pass so quickly. Soon, it will be September and then December...then 2014....

I am thankful that I still have my Artistic Trading Group who kept my sanity alive. I look forward to new theme every month so that I can do some scrapping and let my creativity juice flow. Yesterday, I received both the July and August ATCs from the hostesses and I can't wait to share them with you.

The theme for the July ATC was "Haze was here" or "Be Well" kind of related topic.

I used the Paper Smooches stamps for this month. I stamped the "Cheer Up" stamp on a plain sticker and pasted onto the wood chips that I bought from Daiso.

 Then, I picked the giraffe, which I found them real cute and coloured with my copic markers.

 I did the layout onto the patterned paper with cotton lace at the bottom.

 Lastly, I added some dews on…

Kid's laptop vs My laptop

In the beginning, I was very sure I won't want my kids to be hooked onto technology too early. I won't want them to spoilt their eyesight and be exposed to media. Just want some "offline" fun for them.

But I guess it is difficult as my hubby and I are quite an "online" person. So when our daughter saw us surfing with our laptops and mobile phones, I knew we had to give in very soon. We set a "good" example. ;p

My sister in law bought her a vtech laptop last year for her birthday present. It is still quite difficult for her to play as she does not know how to follow the instructions on the screen. But nevertheless, at least she owes one. (she kept saying, it is her laptop..)

She knows the difference between this and mine. So when she wants to watch youtube videos, she will ask for my permission on my laptop.

Recently, she wants to be a typist. So I let her use Winword to type what she wants. Quite fun for her to search for the alphabets on the keyb…

My New Hobby Collection - Deco Rush and Decorno

Just when I thought I reduced buying scrapbooking stuff, as I have too many and the speed of using them are way too slow, my collection of stationery mode emerged. Opps!

These are the current new tapes and stamps from Japan (PLUS Stationery) that mostly used for planners, schedulers, cards or even for scrapbooking or wrappers. (Their full range of designs can be found here. But not all can be found in Singapore)

I started my collection last year when I saw some Christmas theme selling at Popular bookstores. Then slowly added when I saw some nice designs.

Then I found this new pack - Farm theme at Popular Bookstore again.

I missed the Popular's recent fair at Suntec Convention and I am glad cos I am sure to have some damages looking at the wide range of Deco Rush tapes there. I heard NBC Stationery, Isetan and Kinokuniya sell them too. I am trying to think of ways to organise these tapes in a nicely manner rather than placing them in drawers. Do you have any to share with me?

Then …

Wordful Wednesday - Ikea Chalkboard and Whiteboard

Recently, my daughter received a second-hand IKEA chalkboard and whiteboard from my ex-colleague whose children have outgrown the preschool years. I wanted to buy one last year, but then she was still too young to hold a pen. Now that she is able to write some alphabets and doodle, this gift came at the right time.

We went to Popular bookshop and bought some whiteboard markers and a duster. My hubby said no to chalks and duster as it will be too dusty, especially for the little one. Oh well, I had to listen to him, though chalks can be real fun in my opinion. Maybe when the little one got older. :)

Again, I think she can really doodle. Here was what she drew.

I asked her what was it. She told me it is Miss Potato. But I think it looked like Miss Peppa Pig. What do you think? :)

MT Expo in Singapore at ION Art Gallery

If you asked me about MT Washi Tapes 2 years ago, I won't know a single thing at all. I didn't even know how to use them. I barely knew that they were for scrapbooking. Fullstop. That's about it.

Thanks to the friends I knew in Facebook. I got to know the usage of washi tapes and now, I used them in a lot of areas - eg, ATC, Project Life, envelopes, etc. I even knew of scrappers who collect a lot of them and can even open a museum I jokingly said. ;p I don't have that kind of collections. Right now, I think I only have 100 pieces, not 1000.

Last week, I went to the inaugural MT Expo in Singapore at ION Art Gallery Level 4. The expo was held from 26 July to 11 August. I kept resisting to go as I knew I will be spending again. But I still went and brought my two girls there. (Hubby's expression was...^ ~ ^)

There were some cute little craft houses for the kids to play. I reckon only the first one was fun as my daughter loves to play the kitchen set.

Someday, when th…

My typical day with my energetic girl

Tomorrow will be the start of the super long weekend. It will begin with Hari Raya Puasa, followed by our country's National Day. The schools are having half day celebration and it will be super busy period for me, entertaining my gals at home.

(Yes, that means I can't do any ME-stuff and my backlogs are ever growing....)

The new issue of Anpanman magazine (September issue) came out in Kinokuniya and I bought for my daughter. Maybe also for myself as I am hooked on the mechandises that can be found there. (Only can see but cannot buy)

Enclosed this time is a DVD which shows some clips of Anpanman and other cartoons. How I wish I can understand Japanese without the subtitles. We just have to watch and use our creativity to decifer what they were trying to say.

There is a particular story on the last few pages of this issue that caught my eye. Without knowing how to read the Japanese words, I used my own understanding of the characters and explained to Big E. (The english text w…

Interesting books that I found at Popular Bookstore

The other day, just two days ago, I went to Popular Bookstore at Causeway Point. A short gateaway with my family as it was just not right to stay at home for too long without breathing fresh air and aircon (yes, my aircon is not switched on in the house). Thankful for that.

Our favorite place is bookstores and libraries. My elder daughter can stay there for more than half an hour or till her mummy reminded her to go home for naps or meals.

The most frequent corners inside the bookstore are sewing, preschool assessments and interesting books, lastly the stationeries! The Chinese fiction/non fiction section is not my cup of tea as I can't read Chinese well and tend to skip words that I can't read. But then, I need to brush up soon as I need to teach my daughter and it will be embarassing if I can't read simple words.

I chanced upon this Chinese book, as recommended by a homeschooling mummy in the FB group and decided to get myself a copy (since there is a member discount of …

Anpanman Pants or Shorts?

I was not really in love with Anpanman. Thanks to my daughter who always watched the Anpanman youtube toys videos that attracted my attention last year.

I searched high and low for related toys in Singapore and even searched the web for them. However, even Isetan or BHG did not carry them. Very sad. So far, I can only find snacks and sweets but not the toys.

It is only recently I found a supplier in facebook who brings in some of the Anpanman stuff but they are quite expensive and not justifiable for me to buy. Probably I will if I have a steady income.

Nevertheless, I tried to substitute other related Anpanman stuff. I found some fabrics sold at People's Park and definately going to sew something. We were debating on either pants or shorts.

I also saw a Anpanman magazine sold at Kinokuniya, Jem. The kids stuff are soooo cute!! Wish I can fly to Japan immediately and buy all of the cute stuff. Do you know that is even a museum for Anpanman?

If you can read Japanese, you can vi…

Colouring with Copics - Talented Gal

Recently, more often than not, I realised my Big E loves to mingle around in my craft room. Not just when I was sewing, but also when I was scrapbooking, project life and colouring. Maybe she was bored with her toys and found her mother's stuff were more interesting to play with. Or maybe she has an inborned creativity and love of crafts, thanks to her mother's genes.

I bought paints, crayons and colouring pencils for her to doodle. They did not made her concentrate for very long. Rather, when she saw me playing with my copics on my recent ATC design, she wanted to have a hand in them too.

I was very protective of the copics in the past as they are quite expensive and I would not want my gal to "destroy" them. (Scrappy mummies should know what I mean.. hee)

Surprisingly, I was not in my protective mode the other day. I was pretty amazed by my attitude too. She asked if she can also coloured the Mimi image that I choped on the artcard. It was Mimi stamp from Penny Bla…

Becky Higgins - Project Life Journal Cards - 3x4

Good morning to a cloudy day. Is it a good day for outing? I guess not. But maybe to a nearby mall might help to relax the hectic week. Or is it another excuse to shop? Maybe another handmade book to my collection? Yes yes... beaming with joy.

The new edition of Becky Higgins Project Life core kits have hit the stores in Singapore last month. As mentioned in my previous post, I bought the Blush edition. I sold my duplicates away as it does not make sense for me to keep using them for my album. I love to have a variety in the album.

In fact, my fellow scrappers thought the same. They also sold their extras and I managed to buy some of the journal cards too.

Here they are:


Jade   Midnight Seafoam


Now, I have so many 3 x 4 journal cards... I can slowly use them up for my album. Then again, I saw the new mini kits coming up in the next two months.. and they are super nice too!! I might have to stop looking online.