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Rabbit prints Tissue Pack Covers for Sale - NEW

Do you like rabbits? I have some rabbits for sale. To be exact, rabbit printed fabric tissue packs. The cloth is made from Japan.

Here are the designs.

1. Pink Sakura & Rabbit - $7.90

2. Purple Sakura & Rabbit - $7.90

3. Cartoon Rabbit with Blue Flowers - $7.90

4. Flat Rabbits - $6.90

5. Rabbits on Kimono - SOLD OUT

Postage charge: Based on Singpost rate. Registered mail recommended. Self collection at Admiralty MRT station can be arranged Overseas (Subject to Singapore Post charges)

Payment method: Singapore (Bank internet transfer), Overseas (Paypal)

How to buy? Email to or PM at facebook.

Handmade from smoke-free and animal-free environment. As these are handmades, each will be subject to the fabric design.

Thankful Tuesday: A note to remember

I think I am bad at remembering things. Even so after giving birth to my second child. I am not sure if it was because of that or was it just my age. Or maybe I have too much on my plates.

But I do not want to forget memories that are worth keeping. Also those creativities juices that I generated when I daydreamed or while I was feeding my baby.

I want to preserve them. Yes. Thankfully I started Project Life in 2013 to record my kids' development and milestones. Other then that, I also jot them down in notebooks. Not digital. How ironic when I am an "online" person.

I have different books for different purposes. I have diaries, sewing, scrapbook, kids craft, etc. The Muji notebook cover which is kraft paper is great for me to decorate with washi tapes and scrapbook emblishments.

I even want to decorate the inside with the deco rush that I bought. Recently I made a purchase on the deco rush pack from popular. A huge addition to my current stock here.

I also used my favor…

Mini Quilt Swap - My First Ever Quilt in the Making

I am hooked!

Yes hooked on hexagons!

I have been researching a lot on the internet and instagram on what can be done with hexagons. In the past, I had been telling myself and friends that I will not venture into quilting. Quilting in my knowledge is a time consuming and huge project. Besides, the weather in Singapore is too hot and humid which does not require me to cover myself with one at night for bedtime. I don't have the luxury to switch on my aircon too as I do not want my kids to rely on it.

However, I have lots of fabric scraps in my cupboard. I can't bear to throw them away. For those who sew, you will know what I meant. So what should I do with them? Yes, to make cut them up into patches and sew them up!

I chanced upon a instagram post about ths Mini Quilt Swap today. This is a fantastic idea! I long to participate in one. Having a deadline kinda push me to start working on my maiden quilt. It does not have to be very big. ;) Best of all, it is open to international…

Thankful Tuesday: Quiet Time

After a busy day looking after the kids, especially the younger one, I long for quiet time at night. Even an hour or half an hour before bedtime. I appreciate the silence for me to think about what I want to do for my handmade items and the backlogs that I hope I can fulfil one by one. Not forgetting what I want to create or prepare for my elder one to learn at home. (Strangely. the list just increase each time I read a new craftbook.)

Luckily for me, Big E loves to read. I have created this corner for her to pick her books to read or flip. I read from a book that it is important for kids to own books at home so that they can read as many times as they want of their favorite titles. We also related those she learnt from the books in our daily life and she can relate to that immediately. Yes, we did brought her to the library. But she could not read as many times as those at home. Slowly she lost interest to read the books she borrowed.

And thankfully, my husband loves to read too. He…

September ATC - Sneak

To be frank, the theme for September ATC is quite difficult for me. I took a long while to think the design. Luckily, I managed to craft out something.

Here is a peek of what I will be using.

Stay tuned!

Pretend-play - Anpanman

I am thankful of the freebies from the Anpanman magazine.

You must be wondering why I am thankful. If you have been following my posts closely for the past month, you realised we were searching for Anpanman related stuff in Singapore. My daughter likes to Anpanman stuff. I am also attracted to it. But sadly, it is not popular in Singapore and the only chance to buy will be imported from Japan or going to Japan or Hong Kong ourselves to get them.

With the recent visits to Kinokuniya, I found the Anpanman magazine and we were very eager to find out the freebie from each monthly issue.

For the October issue, the freebie is fabulous to us. There are 2 lego blocks of the Anpanman and Baikinman aka the villian.

The foam apartment.

It is a great pretend-play for my girl. She loves it.

Wonder what will be the next freebie. Hmm.

Kids' craft - Finger Puppets!

Last Sunday, we watched the Mat Yoyo on Channel 8 in the morning after breakfast. My daughter and I were fascinated with the crafts they made under the Kid's craft segment. Finger puppets!

The materials were easy to find. I bought all of them at Daiso. (I spent almost $50 that day, buying boxes, felt, woods, etc)

You need:
1. Finger gloves - preferably size small
2. Felt - preferably with adhesive on one side so that the kid can tape up easily
3. Scissors
4. Googly eyes
5. Threads
6. Double sided tape or glue

1. Test the gloves onto your kid's hands to make sure they can fit

2. Cut the felt in rectangular shape to make the tee and paste on the lower part of the glove. Size is up to you.

 The grid lines at the back enable use to draw before we cut. Brillant idea.

3. Cut the threads and bundle them up to make the hair. Alternative, you can also use felt to make.

4. Glue and paste the googly eyes and cut some felt for the mouth.

She had so much fun!

Motor Skill - Beads and Pipecleaners

One night, I was searching for some of my existing beading materials in my cupboard when my daughter, as usual, was curious at what I was doing.

Maybe in her mind, she was thinking what games I had for her to play with. She knew I always had something hidden in the house that could turn into a craftplay or toy. Indeed, I am thankful that the things I bought could be used for craftplay or teach her motor skills.

So I took out the beads and the pipecleaners I had and passed them to her. She was so thrilled! (Mummy has a new game for me...)

I asked her to put the beads into the pipecleaner.