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Scrapbooking Storage Tip 3: Recycling Hanger for Washi Tapes Storage

Have you started spring cleaning for the new year?

I started very slowly. Too many distractions from my kids and housechores, not forgetting last minute emergencies. Sometimes, while I was feeding my baby, my mind wondered and planning where to pack. I have too many junks at home. I just unsure why I kept them in the first place. So I decided to throw them out. Yes, those I have not seen for more than a year, out they go.

One corner at a time. I still have less than 2 weeks to pack.

I was packing my craft room and saw a pile of washi tapes I have collected over the years. Yes, I am still buying cute ones.

Some are not cheap. I dont seem to be able to finish one roll though I used as a replacement of scotch tapes and in my scrapbook stuff or even decorate my envelopes. Big E used them too for her crafts or sometimes she played with them by stacking up.

I wanted to pack them up nicely.

The other day, I saw this hanger for pants in my wardrobe. Suddenly I had this idea of placing all th…

Little Lessons: How to destress for Preschool Kid

School has started for 2 weeks plus. Sometimes, Big E looked quite tired as she has to skip her afternoon nap and also her milk feed. All because her class is in the afternoon now. Some people told me that it is a good transition cos some primary school is in the afternoon session.

Oh well, I don't really mind her skipping nap and milk. The most she sleeps early at night and I topped up her morning and night feed. :)

One fine day, I was doing my spring cleaning when she saw some bubble wraps in my room.

She said: Mummy, can I pop the bubbles, please?
I said: Why not?

But she was having fun!

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2013 Project Life Mistakes Made.. Moving on to 2014

I have not completed my 2013 Project Life album. The other day, I just finished my September month. I left 3 months before I can close the 2nd album. I am so late!

Here are the reasons why I think why I failed for 2013 Project Life:

1. My first attempt
2013 was the first time I tried doing project life. I also did past years from 2009. Too overwhelming I guess.

2. Too many photographes
I love to take photographes of daily happenings especially on my kids. I can even took 5 of similar shots to make sure I had a good one. This amount to hundreds per month to sort and select. Plus I had to photoedit to make them nicer. I also had to write the dates down so that they were in order.

3. Used too many embellishment
I have a lot of embellishments. A LOT of stickers, alphas, quotes, cardboard type, washis, etc. I had an intention to use as many as I can so that I can clear them. I had been hoarding them for too long. So the problem came as I had too many to choose from and designing just one card…