Sunday, June 29, 2014

Neighbourhood playgrounds - They are free!

I was a lazy mother who dislike to bring my kids to the outdoor playgrounds to play in the day because I did not like to perspire under the hot sun - especially during 10 or 11 plus. I could not brought them there earlier cos either one of them woke up late or I was held back by something - a tantrum, housework, errand, sickness, weather... could be anything.

Besides, Small E could not walk then. Bringing her there was meaningless. Indeed, Big E was deprived of her play during weekdays.

There are 3 neighbourhood playgrounds that are very near to us. I just don't understand why Big E likes to play there over and over again. Maybe she just wanted to PLAY and be out of the house.

After reading one of my mummy blogger - Stayathomemumof3 's posts, I was inspired to bring my kids out all by myself in the morning. We ventured to new playgrounds which are slightly further than the 3 playgrounds, but still within the 2 km vicnity - we don't need to take bus there. What did it result in? Happy and sweaty kids!

Having fun
I took a lot of photographes at the playground and complied them into my SMASH book (one book, just for playgrounds). Big E loves to decorate the pages every month.

Practising her stepping up skill
With Small E's ability to walk better now, she can't wait to be on her own at the stairs or even slides. I just wondered why the swings are not seen in all the playgrounds we went. Do you know the reason why?

Our little terror - maybe this is the reason.
Neighbourhood playgrounds are free. Used them!

Saturday, June 28, 2014

June Artistic Trading Cards

It was not an easy theme for me to design and make the ATC for June. The theme was "Camera, Lights and Action". It was supposed to be somewhat a movie-themed. Then I realised I have not seen movies in a cinema for a long long time. My hubby watched the blockbusters with his colleague. But not me.

I don't have the luxury to sit in a cinema ever since I was pregnant till now. No eating of popcorn inside the theatre, but I still can share popcorns with Big E during staycation or when we feel like eating one.

My mind was blank for a long long time and just could not begin doing it till the deadline was closed. Here is my design though it was not movie related.

June ATC
These were from the group. Some of them were really good I must say. I could not really know one of them till an hour later. (The top left corner... do you know which movie?)

June ATC from the group
July ATC was much easier. I did them straight after I finished June's. :)

Happy crafting!

Friday, June 27, 2014

Kids' Outdoor Playground - Jacob Ballas Children's Garden

I have always wanted to bring Big E to this place before Small E was borned. I never did. However, we just did last week and there were mixed feeling about this place. :)

Jacob Ballas Children's Garden
It was an impulsive decision to take a public bus from Clementi Central after we finished shopping for face paints at artfriend. I checked my watch and it was still early to go home in the afternoon. I checked throught my list of places to go for the June holidays and selected this place without second thought as it was quite near Clementi.

We went there totally unprepared and I regretted immediately upon reaching the venue.

  1. The weather was super hot and sunny. We never brought enough water to drink.
  2. It was Small E's nap time. We had to take turns to carry her as we never brought any stroller or carrier.
  3. Big E was not excited to go to a unfamiliar park. We hardly brought them to parks, I must confessed.
  4. We never brought any insect repellent, except for 2 mosquito patches that was in my bag. I was attacked by mosquitoes and super lots of ants on the benches and sand.
  5. The water splash park never excite Big E as it was more suitable for toddlers or younger kids.
  6. We did not have enough time to venture to the other parts of the Botannical Garden as we had to leave early to avoid the peak hours of the train.

Nevertheless, the kids still had their fun.

Suspension bridge

Not sure why the other slide was on maintenance

This kept her occupied most of the times
After Small E woke up, I suggested to go for ice cream and snacks at the cafe outside the garden. Big E was thrilled.

Yummy ice cream!
After munching, we left the garden and walked towards the Botannical Garden MRT station. On our way there, we passed by the pond. It caught the kids' attentions and we lingered there. We showed the kids the ducks and the tortoises. Even saw a black swan!

Peaceful pond
It was a pity that we had to rush through the beautiful garden. The weather was bearable towards the evening time. I asked Big E if she would like to go back for a picnic. I was surprised she was not that excited but did not mind the pond again.

Oh well, maybe I was not a park person. But I told myself that I will definately be well organised and prepared for the next time.

This gate is the nearest to the MRT station
and Jacob Ballas Children's Garden

Till then!

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Yarnbombing Singapore - Singapore Mini Maker Faire - 13 July 2014

Last Sunday, we went for the last second session of the yarn bombing held at Senja-Cashew Community Centre, which was organised by Singapore Mini Maker Faire. I missed the previous session held at the Singapore Science Centre and determined not to miss this session again.

I brought my whole family down so that my hubby can look after the kids while I hang around. I was not expecting many crafters but glad the turnout was great!

Crafters busy at work
We were making a long scarf for the cardboard T-Rex which was made by a renowed local artist - Bart.

T-Rex in the making
After many hours of hardwork, we managed to decorate the T-Rex with the scarf we made. Beautiful, wasn't it?

Photo courtesy from Singapore Mini Maker Faire
The final session of this yarn bombing will be held on 13 July 2014, 10am till 1pm at the Senja-Cashew Community Centre.

I am already making some granny squares - 4 x 4 inch. Due to the limited amount of time at the venue, it is advisable if you can make some and bring over for connecting with the rest of the granny squares.

Playing with different sizes of the needle. The patterns are the same.

Hope to see you there! #yarnbombingsg

Friday, June 20, 2014

Kids' indoor playground - Cool de sac - Great for SAHM playdate

We went for a SAHM playdate a few days ago with some of my mummy friends at Cool de sac. It is quite a newly kids' indoor playground that is located at Suntec City Shopping Mall.


We hardly ventured a location that is in town. In fact, I felt like a tourist myself when I saw so many new shops along the citylink passageway from the City Hall MRT station till Suntec City. I guess I have not been there for 2 years. Shopping on a weekday was quite good as there was hardly any crowd and I could enjoy my time shopping a while before heading home after the playdate.

Once we entered the playground, Big E was super excited as it was her first visit there. But I told her that she has to finish her lunch before she could play.

The menu looked good to us.

Kids menu

Regular menu

We ordered chicken, fish and spagetti. They tasted good I must say.

Yum yum
After lunch, Big E went straight to the "dress me up" area to try on some costumes. Unfortunately, most of the costumes were too small for her to put on. It will be good if they have more pull overs instead so that other kids of the same size could play. I was surprised that some of the costumes were badly managed and torn.

She tried on this mask. But the band was broken. However, I encouraged her to hold and look into the mirror to have fun.

Mask on
Next area she was excited about was the art and craft area. She made a belated Father's Day card for her papa. (Forgotten to take the photo of the card.)

Trying to learn from the auntie beside her
Then, she tried on the slides and swings. I must say, it was not challenging for her. But she had fun nevertheless. :)

Not challenging for her. But she had fun nevertheless

Something new

The last stop was the arm painting. She loves it and requested me to draw for her once we got home. Oh well, I have to learn a new skill soon from youtube. I am not a good painter but will try my best to draw something decent. Will be buying some paint palette and draw soon. (hopefully I can share some of my works in my blog.)

Arm drawing
There is also a toddler's section on the other end. Both girls had fun with their playdates.

Toddler section


My feedback about the place
There was some pros and cons that I would like to share my thoughts on.

1. What I like about this place was that there was no time restriction to enjoy the facilities as compared to other indoor playgrounds we went to.
2. Lots of different sections catering to different needs. The place was spacious.
3. Food was nice and reasonably priced.
4. Staff was friendly.

1. There was no restrooms inside the playground, not even a kid's toilet. The nearest one was actually the male restroom that was situated next to it. The female one was situated at least 50m away. We had to walk pass a few shops before we could enter. It was disadvantage to us SAHMs as we had to tow our kids to a far end if they need a leak.
2. There was also no nursing room. If you need to feed your baby or toddler, please remember to bring your nursing cover or feed discreetly.
3. The toddler's section has no barrier to prevent the toddlers from crawling out to the eating area. I saw some who picked up the leftovers on the floor and attempting to put into their mouth.
4. Some of the toys were spoilt. I suggested the management or staff should check the toys meticulously as it will pose danger to the toddlers who were playing with them.


Do remember to bring your socks, otherwise, you have to pay for them upon entry. :) This is definately a good playdate venue and we will come back again.

If you are interested to go, you can visit their facebook or website for more information.

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. We paid our fees to get in and food to enjoy. :)

Yarnbombing Singapore - Senja-Cashew Community Centre 22Jun14

Singapore Mini Maker Faire and renowned #cardboard artist, Bart, are letting us #yarnbomb the cardboard t-rex! Join us this Sunday at Senja-Cashew CC at 9.45am (lobby) this coming Sunday. #yarnbombingsg

Here are my granny squares (4inch x 4inch) contributions.

My granny squares

Come join us for this yarn bombing session. We welcome beginners. Please bring along a crochet needle and yarn. If you do not have any, you can borrow from us.

For more information, you can email or join the facebook page - YarnbombingSG fanpage.

See you there.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

May Artistic Trading Card

Just received my May artistic trading card from the hostess Stacy. :)  Here is my card for the exchange.

There were some material requirements that I selected - typewriter, washi tape and words. I quite liked this sweet design, though it was not my usual style.

The cards from the team was pretty.

Don't you think so? :)

Monday, June 9, 2014

Kid's Craft: Scalloped edge scissors

Frankly, I was quite scared for Big E to handle a pair of scissors to cut papers. Surprisingly, she told me that her teacher has taught her how to hold and cut paper with a kid's scissors.

Ohh... I was given impression that I should not be introducing scissors to her yet. I was wrong?

Well, I bought a kid's scissors from Popular the other day. Then she should me how she cut the paper. I was quite impressed with her. But found a bit weird to cut the way her teacher taught her.

After much practice and assurance, I gave her a craft scissors with scalloped edges pattern.

Her works
She got bored after a while. But loved to do it again when she has the mood again.

Wonder when I will give her a real pair of scissors to use. Say next year?

Your thoughts?

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Scrapbooking Storage Tip 5: Unused stickers in the kit

It has been a long while since I shared some quick tips on how I store my scrapbooking materials. There is no hard and fast rule on storage, just need to find one that suits your budget and space in the house. :)

I have a lot of 12 x 12 stickers sheets from paper kits and also stand alone copies. I used them mostly to decorate project life cards as they are flat and will not take up too much thickness in the album. My problem was that I could not used up every single piece of sticker in a short timeframe and always left bits and pieces like this as shown below.

Bits and pieces of stickers
I could not remembered what I have from my stack and always used new sticker sheets. (bad bad) I tried as much to use the old ones but sometimes, it was difficult to match or too big size to use on the 3 x 4 journal card.

So what did I do?

I cut out the unused stickers. Simple.

Unused stickers
I mixed them with other stickers in some clear boxes. You can sort by type, theme, or size. This way, I freed up my stack space and also can randomly picked up old stickers to use. I am super surprised that I have a lot of stickers to choose from. Better curb my shopping till I finished up at least 3/4 of them.

Hope it works for you too.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

June Holidays Kid Activity 1: Card Making for sick children

June holidays started with a sick bang on both of my children. I can't bring them out at all. The weather was super hot and unbearable too. Even I myself would rather stay at home under the ceiling fan and will not leave my house unnecessarily.

Besides allowing Big E to watch her DVDs and cartoons on the television, I brought her assessments to do too. (So boring!)

Other than that, I decided we should make more cards for the sick children again! This time, my target was 100. We managed to finish in 3 days! We were so proud of our achievement! (My arm power was quite good with rolling of the die cut machine and trimmer. But the wrist ached after all the cutting of the animals.)

100 cards!!
All the cards were designed by her. I only supported her with the cards, cutting of the animals and flowers. Here are some of the designs she did.

Aren't they nice? Hope the children will like these cards made by her. These will definately not going to be the last. We will be making more in the next holiday.

Will be planning more art and crafts activities for the rest of the month to keep her occupied. Do hop by soon.

Monday, June 2, 2014

Motivational Monday - Tracking my expenses

I am getting out of hands. Not in terms of my housechores, looking after my kids or crafting.

I spent too much $$ for the past half a year. Especially on these items.

1. Scrapbooking
I can't resist beautiful papers, stickers, stamps and dies.
Paper brands like Echo Park, Simple Stories, Crate Paper, Prima, Kaisercraft
Stamps - Lawn Fawn, Technique Tuesday, wooden stamps, Prima
Dies - Lawn Fawn, My Favorite Things
Stickers - Heidi Swapp, Echo Park, Doodlebug, MAMBI


Ever since I roped in my Big E to help in my Project Life, Smashing and making cards for the children, the expenditure just went up. I could not resist watching YouTube videos to be updated on those brands I love and wanted to get a hold of the items. Would love to do my mini albums and layout soon.

2. Books and assessments
I love to buy these for Big E when I saw some nice ones and recommended ones from blogs. Thankfully, she loves what I bought and eagerly did some assessments.

3. Stationery
I love pens, glues and artcards. Need to say more?

4. Fabrics
Phew... no particular sales in the first half of the year. But I am aiming for the Black Friday sale again. I can't resist beautiful cloth.

Great plan

Here is my plan moving forward. Even though it is nothing new to some, I decided I must curb my expenses.

1. Tracking
Yes. I HAVE to track my expenses on the above items. Set a budget and no more overspending. I just hope I will dilligently update and be truthfully to myself.

2. Avoid scrapbooking open house detash sale
LOL... but but.... the items are really priced at a steal! Ok, I won't go to those which are far away from my house. If I go, I will set a budget.


Wish me luck!

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