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Handsewpatchwork Sew-a-long Block 14 - House

I am so behind with the handsewpatchwork sew-a-long. Block 15 is already revealed and I just printed the template. I shall not revealed what is the design for Block 15 here. Today, I will be sharing my Block 14 - House.

There are a lot of templates to be cut. A total of 12 in fact. The most templates that I have dealed with so far. Don't say I never warned you. :)

You can download from ZakkaArt.

Despite the number of templates that you have to cut, sewing them together was very easy. I did them row by row, straight stitches with no curves. You have to flip some templates when you drew onto the wrong side of the fabric. I had an error for the rooftop (the pink fabric).

I will try sewing this block again. It is quite cute actually. Besides, after preparing so many templates, I don't want to waste my effort. If you know what I mean....;p

Something patchy for the Season

Happy Boxing Day to all!

Hope you have received lots of presents and ate lots of good food. My kids were the happiest as they received presents from our friends and relatives. I tried as much to sew or make gifts. Despite my early planning, I could not finished or made something for everyone.

Today, I am sharing 2 patchwork bags that I sewn from the scraps I have collected. It was my first attempt making square patches bags and I loved the outcome.

I used the 2.5inch square patches for the bags. I love bright colours and selected orange, light blue and red. I picked gingham pattern for the binders and handstitch using whip stitches.

I used these rose lace motif for the inside to cover up the stitches for the handles. Aren't they lovely?

I also added laces at the bottom of the patches. Hope the ladies will like them. My hubby and kid like my work too. I am so encouraged to explore more bags. Be it more squares or other patterns.

November Artistic Trading Cards

This is a busy month with more handmades done up for friends as their Christmas gifts. I hardly have time to blog or even open up my laptop to work.

I just received my stack of November Artistic Trading Cards from the hostess - Annie, with theme - Year of Goat / Chinese words.

I skipped October ATC swap as I have no time to design and make. However, I made an extra effort for December with theme - Mixed Media.

Moving on, I guess I will be doing lesser scrapbooking but focus on project life, ATC swap if I can. Of course, the majority of my time will be on sewing of dresses for my children, patchwork and more mini quilting. If you are interested to find out more about my up-to-date sewing and quilting work, do follow me at Instagram - search for joeycraftworkz. :)

I Didn't Throw It Away!

Many people said: "Crafters and sewists are hoarders."

Well, I admit I am one even before I craft or sew. I am just one of those who appreciate things and love to keep them

I was invited by Agatha from Green Issues by Agy to this blogtrain on "I Didn't Throw It Away", together with some Singapore and overseas bloggers, who will be sharing some of our lovely sentimentals/goodies that we have kept for 20 years or more.

I am quite good at hiding all these stuff in all corners that I can find in my house and my parents'. Here are some of the things that I picked and would like to share why I kept them for so long.

1. Sewing notions

My mother has been using this pair of scissors for her tailoring days when I was younger. She has stopped sewing and gave me this pair. (She can predict I would sew, you know.) It can still be used but I think it has to be sent for sharpening if I were to use to cut my fabrics. The embroidery hoop was from my auntie who did cross …