Thursday, May 28, 2015

Canberra Park (Sembawang) - Playground, fitness and leisure in the Northern Singapore

It has been too long since I last blogged about an outdoor playground. This time, I have no excuses to ignore this FANTASTIC park that is situated in the Northern part of Singapore. (Note: There are a lot of photographes that I will be sharing.)

Canberra Park is situated opposite Blk 325 Sembawang Crescent and next to the Skypark condominium (still under construction). It is not too far from the Sembawang MRT station but you need to take bus 962 at the bus stop on the right side of the Sun Plaza shopping mall and alight at the second bus stop.

Canberra Park - Sembawang
Upon entering the park, you will be welcomed by the dinosaur skeleton. My kids went "WOW"!

Welcome from the Dinosaur!
But they could not resist what is behind the skeleton.


3 kids can slide down together at the same time!

Who can resist?
 Lots of motor skills that the children can enjoy.

Motor skills
Lots of wide runaways for the children to run and play. They are not steep, even a toddler or preschooler can enjoy.

Wide passageways
We were curious what these were. Unfortunately, they are not in operation yet. :(

Not in operaton yet.

Close up
Ok.. do you think that's all your kids could play and be WILD? NAH! This was just one section of the entire park. :)

Next, on the right side, you can see many types of swings that they can play. I played too. You might not have seen the swings in red in Singapore as these were built for children who has disabilities. What a wonderful idea! The disabled children could swing and have fun too. The swings have a temporary lock that can secure them. The middle ones are for preschoolers or toddlers. I played the far right ones and I enjoyed myself.

Different type of swings
 There are more swings on the right. No need to fight for swings.

They are MORE swings

Swing hook?

I have no idea how to play this.
Walking on the rope
Are you enjoying yourself so far? Well, there are SOME MORE. If you think that your school kids might get bored with what I have shared, I guess the following pictures might excited them.

Rope climbing

Second section

Third section

Fourth section

Basketball court
How about fitness sections for adults? Well, there are 6 sections spread around the park. I was "WOW"!

One of the section
What activities you can also do in the park? You can book bbq pits (I saw 2.) or have a picnic or party. I saw some people playing badminton or mini scooter rides.

I happened to see this party organised by the Canberra Zone 1 Residents' Committee this Saturday 30 May at 5.30pm. Maybe you would like to join the fun. :)

How to get there?

By Bus:

Bus numbers

In my opinion, the best method will be alighting at the Sembawang MRT station and take bus 962 from the right side of the Sun Plaza Shopping Mall. Then alight on the second bus stop.

Other FOC playgrounds and splash areas on the North that you might be interested:

Causeway Point Playground and Splash Area
Sembawang Shopping Centre Playground and Splash Area

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Preschooler game - A great way to test colour blindness

I was afraid that Small E was colour blind initially. One time I taught her colours and asked her what the colours were, she will always answered the wrong one. Sometimes it was on purpose, sometimes she was trying her luck and testing her mummy's patience.

So one fine day, I decided to test her using tools I bought from Daiso Singapore - clips and divided container. These are my stationeries for my house.

Clips in 5 colours

A divided container
I placed one colour clip on each divided slot and encouraged her to do the same as me. She could not sorted out correctly in the beginning. But after a few tries, she could do it independently and even copied me by saying "NO" if she placed the wrong coloured clip in the wrong slot.

Managed to sort out correctly after a few tries
Now, I used this sorting game to engage her when I wanted a minute of time to do some stuff at home. At least I know she was not colour blind afterall. :)

Friday, May 15, 2015

Handsewn bed quilt - Biggest project that I ever done - WIP

Hello weekend!

For the past few days, I am keeping myself very busy till my right arm is aching and I decided to take a break from sewing. Here I am, blogging about what I did.

Last week, I bought 2 lovely books from Kinokuniya at their member sale - Patchwork Tsushin and Basic Embroidery books.

As I browsed through the Patchwork Tsushin magazine, I was captured by one of the handsewn bed quilt by 藤田久美子 or Kumiko.FUJITA (website: I wanted to handsew one for my child. Even she herself agreed to make one for her own bed.

Without much delay, I quickly prepared the template using cardboard. I used them for my fuzzy cutting for each of the blocks. I was unprepared for the amount of blocks I had to sew as it was huge for me. I did mini ones before but never at this scale.

Cardboard templates
I selected the Petite Marianne series from Lecien as my main hexagon blocks. These images suited my big hexagon blocks perfectly. The only thing was I did not have enough to cover all hexagons. I have to substitute with other designs as I only bought 1 yard.

Petite Marianne collection
I prepared and sewed the diamonds blocks, which I used pink and green colours.

Diamond blocks

I cut the triangles using my aqua and light shades of blues in my collection. As you guessed, the main colour of this bed quilt will be blue. It is currently my daughter's favorite, hopefully she will not change her mind again towards the end.

Fabrics prepared
The block was fairly easy to sew as there were no curves to tackle at all. This was the main reason for me to choose this. I do not like to sew curves esp if I had to handsew one bed quilt.

2 of the blocks
Taking shape
I calculated that I can sew 10 blocks in a week. Taking that into consideration, I will be able to finish 120 blocks in 12 weeks. Geez!!

Wish me lots of luck if you could. :)

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Saturday, May 2, 2015

Preloved Beading Books for Sale

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