Kids' game - Sponge-containing capsules

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I have searched for this toy for so long. Finally I managed to find it at Daiso! It was sold out very fast as the next trip to the shop and other outlets, it was gone. One mummy from the Homelearning group shared with us on this game. I wanted Big E to experiment a simple science project at home.

Simple instructions with the animal designs
It was a very simple science experiment. You have to prepare a fairly hot water in a container. Your kid just have to place the capsule into the water. Bear in mind that the water is hot, so you have to use a spoon to pour some of the hot water onto the capsule. I realised warm water did not melt the capsule fast enough.

Waiting for the sponge to take into shape
The animals are out
As mentioned, the temperature of the water is the key factor on the speed of the sponges to take into shape. During the process, I explained to her how the capsule will melt under hot temperature. You could also use two different containers - one hot, one cold and timed which capsule will melt first.