Friday, August 21, 2015

Patchwork cushion cover for my house

It has been a long time since I sewed something for the house. I have been dreaming to transform my house with handmade patchwork stuff. Slowly but surely. :)

This week, I made one patchwork cushion cover using square patches. Squares are the easiest form of patchwork and can be completed in 1 or 2 days for a small project (depending on the distractions in the house) I used 2.5inches and 4.5inches squares for the whole project with some fuzzy cuttings on the cute animal designs from Lecien fabrics and Me and My Sister Designs.

Preparing the squares
Too bad, I am unsure which fabric company the yellow fabric came from. Probably from Atsuko Matsuyama, one of my favourite Japanese designer. I wish I can collect all of her fabulous designs. However, it will cost me a lot.

Sewed up the squares together
I did the top stitch by using Finca perle cotton size 8, code 642. I seems to have problem with the needle going through the quilt top. Do you have any suggestion on the needle brand and size that I can change to?

Handstitching in the late night
Cushion Cover done up
I realised I do not have a lot of red designed cloth in my cabinet. It is quite a challenge to find certain colours that I like. Maybe I never look hard around. Anyway, luckily this combination looks great on the cushion cover.

I would like to do more patchwork that is easy and simple. Most importantly, it will not take up too much time to complete. Perhaps more squares again?

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Organising my sewing kits - A sense of relaxation and charging up

I have too many sewing materials. Most probably you named it, I have it. :) The problem about sewing materials is that they are small in size and has wide variety. Sometimes, I just need to buy different types of boxes or drawers to store them neatly. Daiso, Japan Home and Ikea are my favorite stores to source for containers and desktop drawers.

It has always been challenging for me to keep my sewing materials neatly. I might even buy more JUST IN CASE I need them. I do not stay near any notion shops so it is quite a hassle to travel about an hour's journey just to buy what I need. Online shops are terrific as they are so convenient and dangerous for my pockets too.

I love to buy lots of colours of the same thread type and zippers. Looking at them makes me relax. If one day, I can work for a sewing related shop, how nice it will be.

In between sewing project breaks, I like to pack or repack my materials. It gives me a very good opportunity to charge up and relax at the same time.

My perle cotton size 8

My DMC threads. Winding 200 skeins is no joke at all.

My YKK gold zippers. Wish I can collect all colours.
Maybe I should declutter some materials so that I have more space for new items. How do you store your laces and ribbons? That will be my next challenge. :)

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Week that I had gone crazy over books

In Singapore, we are having our long holiday, starting now till monday where we will be celebrating our country's 50th birthday on 9 August. Finally, I can blog after weeks of absence. I have been busy sewing and listing up my handmades over at my shop plus other sewing projects and packing my craft materials.

Over the week, I had gone crazy over buying books at the SG Book Deals warehouse sale (till 10 August) and Kinokuniya sale (over). I have never bought so many books at one shot but very worth it at the warehouse sale. The sewing and quilting books snapped up very fast and heard it will be replenished on friday. The promotion is to fill up one box of any number of books for a price of $50. I bought 38 books and it just cost me $1plus per book.

Here are my books that I bought from the warehouse sale which I have yet to read them all.


More projects

Grabbed and go.

Some day, I will try mix media.

My current interest.
These are my purchases from Kinokuniya.

Great book for using my fabric stash.

The Tatty Teddy will be my next project. So cute!
Lots of books to keep me busy for the rest of the year. Hopefully, I can make something out from these books soon.

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Once upon a time sampler - Cross Stitch with The Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery

I have been busy with handstitching and my machine has been neglected for quite a while. I am in love with handsewing more and more. So glad that I could bring my projects any where and not confined to one place.

Recently, I chanced upon some cute cross stitch designs in Instagram and I checked out more and more about the fairy tales designs under #onceuponatimesampler and #thefrostedpumpkinstitchery. Wow!!! The designs are sooo kawaii and it is quite difficult to pick one design to try out.

I took the plunge during their last sale and bought 2 pdf patterns - Pen Pals No. 202 (a beginner one) and Once upon a Time Sampler (a huge project). I picked up cross stitch again after a decade. I checked my current DMC threads inventory and discovered I need to buy more colours to sew the sampler. The DMC threads are good. I had them for more than a decade and the quality is still there.

DMC threads

I changed some of the colours for the Pen Pal No. 202 as I have no time to buy the threads. Luckily, it turned out well.

Pen Pal No. 202

I am still sewing the 4th month from Once a upon a Time Sampler. I finished April, May and June. The design is addictive and I wanted to finish sewing all very soon and frame it up.

April - Goldilocks and the Three Loving Porridge Bears

May - Jack and the Bean Stalk

June - The Princess and the Tiny Pea

Wish me luck!

Do you have any tips on how to store your DMC threads? Please share with me. :)

Friday, June 26, 2015

Chalking, anyone?

School holidays are coming to an end very soon. Seriously, it is not much a difference for us as I am always in the house with the children. The only thing I had to do was making sure I have activities for them or simply left them to play on their own.

My children loves to doodle. We adults are not. Papers and colouring pens are a must-bring stuff in my bag in case they have nothing to do outside. We tried not to use our handphones to entertain them except on certain circumstances like in the MRT etc.

I always wanted to buy chalks for them to draw onto the IKEA drawing panel - one side is white board, the other is a chalkboard. However, my hubby thinks that chalk dusts will be difficult to clear in the house and not agreeable for me to buy.

Nevertheless, I still bought a pack of chalks, behind his back (of course!).

So instead of drawing onto the IKEA panel, I told them to draw outside the house.

Chalking on the floor

As usual, Small E scribbles while Big E draws.

This is ME!
I drew hopscotch and Big E and I had terrific time hopping.

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Reopening of my Etsy Shop

After a long break, I have decided to reopen my shop in June, selling my recent handmade items. Most of the items are handsewn and as you can see, there are a lot of hexagon designs in my listings. :)

These are all handmade by me and they are unique pieces. I will be listing more soon. Please follow me at my Instagram or Facebook page for latest items.

Hope you can find something that you like in my Etsy shop.

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Canberra Park (Sembawang) - Playground, fitness and leisure in the Northern Singapore

It has been too long since I last blogged about an outdoor playground. This time, I have no excuses to ignore this FANTASTIC park that is situated in the Northern part of Singapore. (Note: There are a lot of photographes that I will be sharing.)

Canberra Park is situated opposite Blk 325 Sembawang Crescent and next to the Skypark condominium (still under construction). It is not too far from the Sembawang MRT station but you need to take bus 962 at the bus stop on the right side of the Sun Plaza shopping mall and alight at the second bus stop.

Canberra Park - Sembawang
Upon entering the park, you will be welcomed by the dinosaur skeleton. My kids went "WOW"!

Welcome from the Dinosaur!
But they could not resist what is behind the skeleton.


3 kids can slide down together at the same time!

Who can resist?
 Lots of motor skills that the children can enjoy.

Motor skills
Lots of wide runaways for the children to run and play. They are not steep, even a toddler or preschooler can enjoy.

Wide passageways
We were curious what these were. Unfortunately, they are not in operation yet. :(

Not in operaton yet.

Close up
Ok.. do you think that's all your kids could play and be WILD? NAH! This was just one section of the entire park. :)

Next, on the right side, you can see many types of swings that they can play. I played too. You might not have seen the swings in red in Singapore as these were built for children who has disabilities. What a wonderful idea! The disabled children could swing and have fun too. The swings have a temporary lock that can secure them. The middle ones are for preschoolers or toddlers. I played the far right ones and I enjoyed myself.

Different type of swings
 There are more swings on the right. No need to fight for swings.

They are MORE swings

Swing hook?

I have no idea how to play this.
Walking on the rope
Are you enjoying yourself so far? Well, there are SOME MORE. If you think that your school kids might get bored with what I have shared, I guess the following pictures might excited them.

Rope climbing

Second section

Third section

Fourth section

Basketball court
How about fitness sections for adults? Well, there are 6 sections spread around the park. I was "WOW"!

One of the section
What activities you can also do in the park? You can book bbq pits (I saw 2.) or have a picnic or party. I saw some people playing badminton or mini scooter rides.

I happened to see this party organised by the Canberra Zone 1 Residents' Committee this Saturday 30 May at 5.30pm. Maybe you would like to join the fun. :)

How to get there?

By Bus:

Bus numbers

In my opinion, the best method will be alighting at the Sembawang MRT station and take bus 962 from the right side of the Sun Plaza Shopping Mall. Then alight on the second bus stop.

Other FOC playgrounds and splash areas on the North that you might be interested:

Causeway Point Playground and Splash Area
Sembawang Shopping Centre Playground and Splash Area