Thursday, April 10, 2014

Baby Teething - Extreme painful period for me

Whenever babies were cranky, teething was always in our checklist. I could not remembered when my teeth came out. Must be extremely painful. OUCH!

Small E's first tooth came during her 7th month. I was so happy for her as some of her peers already had 6 teeth. My only assumption was if her tooth came out late, did it also mean it will dropped later too? I am not sure.

I remembered it was difficult for me and her. She tried to latch but had to adjust some tries to get the best grip. Poor me, I had to endure the pain when she could not. I was quite scared when she bited hard. Soon, her second tooth came out and we had peace for a while.

Then, her top tooth came. That was a difficult period too. She always cranky and woke up lots of time crying. We were unsure if it was due to teething or the oral thrush she had inside her mouth. She was drooling most times and loved to bite anything she could grab hold off. She also bited my shoulders and arms.

Peace came again when the tooth was fully emerged.

The same cycle came again when her other teeth came out. Yes, teeth, not TOOTH. At first I thought she had 2 teeth coming out. I was wrong. My last count was 4 - 3 on top and 1 at the bottom. It must be extremely painful for her. Oh yes, the gripping part is back again. Latch and unlatch.

I am scared to the max as now, she has more teeth.

What I did when she bites:
1. Pinched her cheek.
2. Some mums suggested me to pinch her nose. Some day I might try if she is nasty.

No mood to play with mummy

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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Finger pointing - Not the middle one

One day, we saw Small E was pointing with her little index finger. We thought that it was just fun or she was just raising it.

As the days passed, we realised we were wrong. She started to finger pointing us the things she wanted. I decided to do a test for her.

Small E: Pointing to the car toy
Me: Took another toy and gave her.
Small E: Continued pointing to the car.
Me: Gave her another toy next to it.
Small E: Still pointing.
Me: Finally gave her the car.
Small E: Gave me a big smile.

Now, she added sound effects when she did her finger pointing. The "ah", "eh".. etc.

Just hope she will not be using the middle one when she grew up.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Project Life - End of 2013 and Start of 2014

Finally, finally, finally!

Yes you read it.

I have just finished my Project Life for 2013! I know, it is already April and I am so behind schedule (still).

Here were my albums - 2 12x12 American Crafts albums and 1 SMASH book.

2013 memories
I dare not count how many photos I have printed. I was so lucky that Big E helped me with the SMASH book part. I just pasted the photos on the pages and she will decorate for me with stickers and alphas. Phew.

I am ready to start 2014 with this new Project Life Core Kit - Strawberry.

Project life core kit
With the new price increased of the Canon Selphy photo paper, I have to limit my 4R print and develop more 2R or even smalller sizes.

Just hope I can close the gap very fast. I am now 4 months back. Argh!

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

March Artistic Trading Card

I am not good at designing something with one colour theme. In March, the theme was Monochromatic by Shu Ying. I pondered a long time before I chose to use brown for my card.

Then I look through my scrapbook stamps, punches, washi and beads. Here was what I came out with.

My Mar ATC
I almost did not received my package till one week later. What a scare!

Group exchange
I am the host for April with theme - Buttons. Eagerly waiting for my members to mail me. :)

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Happiness is... Love love love

March went passed just like that. We never did anything special but had fun during the school holidays.

One thing for sure, Big E has overcome her fear of stage fright. She surprised us by agreeing to participate in not 1 but 3 stage activities. We were super proud of her at her age. I don't remember doing that when I was young.

Her prizes

My greatest happiness for the month was actually this note written by her. My heart melted when she showed me this.

Love note
Love love love.....

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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Felt Mascot: Anpanman Keychain

If you have been following my posts closely, you would have remember Big E's passion for Anpanman characters. Even though we hardly watched the cartoons as they are in Japanese, we just like the kawaii characters.

I bought some books on felt sewing of the characters. Big E loves to flip through the pages and always asked me to make something there for her. I stocked up felts from daiso and they are collecting dust. Ya, I know!

In order to please her for a while, I decided to sew this little Anpanman keychain for her to hang on her school bag.

Anpanman keychain
It was done up pretty fast. I did a shortcut too. I used a black marker to draw the eyebrows and mouth instead of stitching up. I also used adhesive felts for his nose and cheeks. All I did was to use blanket stitch to close up the front and back after stuffing to give a volume.

She loved it and showed off to her classmates. :)

Kids' craft: Foam Art

I always wanted to buy some foam art crafts for Big E to assemble. It will be ideal as it is more sturdy compared to paper and quite a variety of houses I can choose from.

Till last friday, I saw some sales at Chong Pang market selling foam art crafts. I was sold on this castle design. She loves castles.

I bought and gave her a surprise when she was back from school. Immediately, she tore off the plastic bag and remove the parts from the main sheet.

As a precaution, I decided to handle the assembly while she provided me with the respective parts.

3D foam castle
Quite nice I would think. :)