Sunday, March 8, 2015

Hexagon table mat - English Piercing Method

These few days, my hands were rested well after a week of hexagons English Piercing and handsewed them into a table mat. There was a great amount of satisfaction that I received from my first handsewed project. Definately not going to be the last I guaranteed. :)

Let me share the pictures with you.

I ran through my fabrics and decided to use Lecien fabrics from the 30's old collection and Retro Child's Smile. Oooh... they are simply adorable with retro vintage kind of colours.

Arrangement of the hexagons
Sewing the hexagons together
Love the handsew effect
I had some difficulties sewing the outlines of the hexagons as I had to sew 3 layers of batting, hexagons and backing fabric. I thought I could sew quickly. But no, I need to have a lot of patience and patience. The sewing took me a few days to complete even though the table mat is quite small.

After completing, I wanted to sew the edges with the hexagon finishing instead of straight lines. I browsed through the online tutorials and found Badskirt who gave a good tutorial on how to finish the way I wanted with a slight twist in mine. Instead of using full hexagons, I used half. :)

Sewing the half hexagons on the edges
This is my completed project. What do you say?



My daughter commented that the floral backing fabric looked like a garden. I said it looked very vintage. The pink border is sewed up with half hexagons.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Kids' craft - Using Washi Tapes and Recycled items

I am always on a lookout in the library for some fun and easy kids craft activities. I know I could not always be creating new ideas. Library is a great source for ideas since we always go to the library to borrow books.

I found this book of ideas using washi tapes and recycle items. Even though it is in Chinese, there are photographes that you can follow if you could not read the instructions. Some projects are easy and some are quite difficult. I suggest you guide your children and prepare the materials first.

Fun tape book
We picked one of the projects and made a recycled camera using empty box, cardboard, cup, straw and lots of washi tapes. Big E decorated the camera with her favourite washi tapes.

Too bad, we did not have enough time to do more projects from the book. You can buy the book from Kinokuniya bookstore if you like to do more with your children. There are lots of fun ways to use your washi tapes in this book.

Have fun!

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Hama beads - Elsa and Cinderella

As per my last post on hama beads, I exposed Big E with the midi size of the beads to create easy design with her own creativity. Over the months, there had been many exposure from fellow mummy bloggers and I decided to let her try on the mini version of the hama beads.

Mini hama beads

She browsed through the princesses designs from the Kandi and picked 2 of her favourites - Elsa and Cinderella. It was not easy for her as she has to use the square board and the beads are small for her to place onto the board. So she used tweezer to pick them up. I had to use a cardboard to serve as a guide, cover row by row, so that she will not skip and miss out.

I found that it is a good exercise for counting and brushed up her mathematics. Although she faced some difficulties, at the end of it, she did a good job. The designs found at Kandi are quite big for her. So I cut by half so that she will not be bored. Luckily, her concentration was good and would not want to stop till she finished.


Elsa, Cinderella and some other pieces
These are ready to be decorated in the house. :)

Monday, February 9, 2015

Handsew hexagons applique for kid's singlet

One of my 2015 resolution is to sew more apparels for my children. I just finished handsewing a hexagon applique onto Big E's singlet. The process was long but worth it.

First, I used the english paper piercing method to sew the hexagons one by one with my scraps. (Yeah to sewing scraps!) I used 3/4inch papers for this project. Big E selected the hexagons she liked and arranged all by herself. I said she did a fantastic job in the arrangement. What do you say?

Layout of the hexies
The next step was to sew up the hexagons together by hand. I took about 3 days to sew them up during my breaks looking after the kids.

After that, I removed the batting and paper before pinning up the applique onto the singlet with safety pins. I chose to handstitch as I feel I have more control as compared to machine sewing.

Sewing onto the singlet
Big E wanted buttons on her singlet. She picked some from my organiser and I began to sew them onto the hexagons on the next day.

Buttons buttons!
Completed singlet
Ta-da!! My first handsew hexagon top. Maybe I should sew one for myself too.

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Economy Block 2015 - My own challenge

I have set some goals for myself in 2015 regarding patchwork or quilting. Attainable ones for sure. I know I will not have enough time to make a quilt, mini ones possible though. I have been doing research on Instagram, books and over the web on the pattern.

Economy blocks or some called it Square in a Square, looks easy and beautiful to sew. I decided to make them using fabrics from my stash baskets. Once I decided the fabric, I can make at least one per day. Sounds good!

Here are some of the blocks I have made so far. If you are keen on my live updates, you can follow me at my Instagram account - joeycraftworkz.

I have created an album in Flickr to store all my Economy Blocks too. If you are interested to see more, you can follow me in Flickr as well.

Which is/are your favorite?

Friday, January 23, 2015

Skirts for my girls - Made by me

I have not been sewing much for my children ever since I am hooked on patchwork and english paper piercing. I have lots of fabrics ready to be cut and sewn by my sewing machine. 2015 will be different as I hope to sew more for them. I bought 2 sewing books, waiting for me to cut out the patterns. Even Big E was impressed by the dress that I planned to sew.

I am decluttering and organising my workspace these days and could not wait to start sewing in an organised environment. I know it will be messy again, soon (this is for sure.).

I brought Big E to Sing Mui Heng to buy some fabrics. She saw this fabric from Ann Kelle's Girlfriend Fairy Princess and requested me to sew something for her. This is so cute and I love Ann Kelle's design too.

Ann Kelle's collection
I decided to sew a simple skirt for each of them which took me a day to finish. I also added a red embroidery lace at the bottom of the skirt to beautify. Big E loves to wear this at every opportunity she has. I am over the moon.

Lace lace lace

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

December Artistic Trading Card - Using Yo-yo

This was the last ATC that I made in the year 2014. The theme was mixed media hosted by Choon Bin. I was a bit scared to participate as I have no idea how to design one. After explanations by the hostess and organiser, somewhat I had an idea what to do.

December ATC
I used my Ikea fabric stash from my fabric stash basket and made some tiny yo-yos. Aren't they cute? I think yo-yos are cute. I should sew more colours to decorate my patchwork projects. :) I layed out into a mini Christmas tree, perfect for the occasion.

Below were the ATCs from my group.

Group Dec ATCs
For 2015, I might not participate in all the ATC swap as I want to focus on my patchwork. However, if you are keen to do an individual swap (international welcome), you can email me at