Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Offline Game - Rush Hour Traffic Jam Puzzle

Big E used to love watching youtube videos on certain cartoons, toys and educational types. We resorted to giving her our handphones to watch during mealtime, in the train or sometimes in our living room so that I can do my chores undisturbed. It used to be difficult to feed her as she couldn't sit long enough on the high chair. I even switched on tv or let her played toys.  Did not work. Yes , I agreed to certain extend that we shouldn't let her watch in the first place. I guessed we failed as she just refused to eat her food properly.

Those days were long gone as she outgrew it and I am so happy. At least she has more offline games to play and read more books. Or it could be because she has a sibling to play with. Or maybe I kept her occupied.

Just hope Small E won't followed her footsteps of watching youtube so early.

The other day, I was packing my storeroom and found this game - Rush Hour Traffic Jam puzzle. I showed  her and she was excited.

It was my Christmas present ages ago.

Inside view

I was surprised that she can solved the stage one puzzles by herself after I taught her the elementary steps. I kept encouraging her to try when she was stuck. I like this game because I can also try on the difficult ones myself and it's a great bonding game. Why not?

Just yesterday, I was offline myself for 8 hours in the day as my handphone was charging and I was not at home. I never felt weird and in fact, amazed that I could "survive" without sacrificing the time I spent with them. I used to check my handphone every hour and spent 5-10mins browsing till it got into me.

Playing and spending time with my kids did indeed break me away from the online world and I did not missed it.

You should try it yourself one day.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Fun for Free SG: Sembawang Shopping Centre Playground and Splash Area

There are a few shopping malls that we often go without going to Orchard or town. They are Causeway Point, Sembawang Shopping Centre and Northpoint. They have similar shops which are able to fulfil our needs. It is also important for us to select a mall with a playground or splash area for the kids to play and enjoy themselves after mealtime. Best of the deal is they are FREE to use!

We love to go Sembawang Shopping Centre on weekends as the free shuttle bus stop is just a few blocks away from us. There are also some shops which attracted me to go there often. Yes! My favourite is still DAISO. There are also GIANT, ASTON, Just Acia, Popular Bookshop just to name a few.

While I am busy shopping, the kids will not be restless at all. My hubby will bring them to Level 3 to play at the playground and splash area.

The dry and wet areas are just side by side

Here is the dry area which caters to kids.
Playground for the younger kids
Having fun
Play area for the older kids
And here is the splash area if your kids love getting wet! There is a shower area for the kids to change and shower without entering the mall's toilets.

Splash area

Having fun

Testing to see if she like
Overall, the areas are pretty windy and fun to play. If you need nursing room, there is one at Basement 1.

Sembawang Shopping Centre might be out of the way as it is not very near to MRT station even though the nearest is Sembawang MRT station. (About 3 bus stops away.)

Fear not! There are FREE shuttle buses from Sembawang and Yishun MRT stations between 10am to 10pm everyday and also at certain Woodlands HDB areas on Friday, Weekends and Public Holidays. Here are the schedules leaving from the mall. If you are taking from the stations, you need to wait approximately 20-30 mins:

A copy of the schedule can be obtained from the Customer Service at Basement 1

167, 856, 858, 859 , 980 & AC7

Who's Next?

Lynn, from Raising Faith, is a (90%) SAHM to an almost 2-year-old active girl. When schedule allows, she bakes for friends and teaches in a cake decorating school. For most part of the time, she is busy trying to get her little one to be engaged in the activities that she has designed for her. She will be sharing her review on Animal Resort. It will certainly be interesting for us too as we have never been there before.

Can't get enough of FUN FOR FREE SG venues? Here's the whole list - 31 days of free fun in Singapore! This list will be updated regularly; you will be able to click on the location to be brought directly to the blog post when it goes "live":

12 Aug: IMM by Mad Psych Mum
16 Aug: Sembawang Shopping Centre Playground by Joey Craftworkz
17 Aug: Animal resort by Raising Faith
18 Aug: Botanic Gardens by Mum's The Word
19 Aug: A surprise! by Mummy Ed
20 Aug: MacRitchie trail by Scrap Mum Loft
21 Aug: Road Safety Park by Miracule
22 Aug: Marina Barrage by J Babies
23 Aug: Gardens By The Bay, Children's Garden by Finally Mama
24 Aug: Changi Airport T3 by Mother Kao
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26 Aug: Changi Airport T1 Growing with the Tans
27 Aug: Pasir Ris Park Ingspirations
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29 Aug: Vivocity Play Area by Amazingly Still
30 Aug: Punggol Promenade + Punggol Waterway by Chubby Anecdotes
31 Aug: Westgate Wonderland by Xavvylicious

Friday, August 8, 2014

Handsewpatchwork Sew-a-long Block 6 - Ribbon

This was done without much difficulties as there was no applique sewing at all. I did all in one night. The only difficulty I had so far was choosing the fabric to use from the huge stack of fabrics that I have. (I have lots of scrapbook cardstock and patterned papers too. ;p)

Work in progress
Again, I picked green and orange for this block. Someday, I would like to purchase purple, yellow, blue and brown with small prints. The ones I have in my cupboard were mostly large prints. Any collections to recommend?

Block 6 - Ribbon
Hope you like the block I made. You can download the template from ZakkaArt via here.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Handsewpatchwork Sew-a-long Block 5 - Basket

I am a little late for this post as I just finished the sewing last night. It was difficult and challenging for me as it was my first applique. I never sewed an applique before. Long heard about using freezer paper or starch but never try before till this block 5 surfaced at ZakkaArt's sew-a-long.

There were lots of measuring and cutting for this particular block called Basket. You can download the template via her page. The handle was the applique that I was talking about. Her instructions were very clear and helpful and I am so glad I managed to sew it, though it was not perfect. I used the Gutermann quilting thread that I bought last week. Quite soft to use but the thread tangled once as compared to the Daiso handsewing thread I bought which is more stiff but never tangled so far.

Block 5 - Basket
The next block is the Ribbon. Can't wait to try out tonight as it is fairly easy for beginner. I realised I do not have purple floral fabric. Maybe it is time for me to buy?

My thought about this? I am so happy that I managed to pull off this block. Moving forward, I will not be afraid to try more complicated one coming my way. I like the orange and green colour combination. What do you think?

Monday, August 4, 2014

Behind the scene of Joeycraftworkz - Writing Process Blog Hop

Time flies really fast! It was just not too long ago that I started blogging about my craft works and tutorials since 2010. I began with sewing and selling my handmades on my blog before proceeding to sell them at my online shop. I sewed a lot for my #1 kid and love sharing crafting on my blog. I also shared about scrapbooking, artistic trading cards, kids' crafts, homelearning and parenting recently.

1. What am I working on?

I am working on a few things right now.

a) handsew patchwork sew-a-long from ZakkaArt where I challenged myself and you (if possible) to try out on it. Take a look at my block designs over here. So far it has been fun and therapy for me as a beginner.
b) kids' play places where I shared my own insights on the pros and cons of kids' hangout.
- Both indoor and outdoor.
c) kids' crafts where I shared the crafts that my kids play and how-to.

2. How does my work differ from others in its genre?

I knew lots of great mummy bloggers via Singapore Mom Bloggers Community who shared their parenting, kids' play and crafts on their blogs. Each of us blogged in our own way with our own "flavour" even though the topic was the same. I blogged more about my sewing and crafting with my kids though.

3. Why do I write what I do?

I wanted to promote handmades and events in Singapore, which is currently a huge market in USA. I strongly encourage more people in Singapore who do handmades to blog more so as to create a bigger impact. In addition, I also wanted to share some super easy crafts that we can do with our kids. Lastly, I wanted to document the challenges that I signed up on craftings and make more friends both locally and internationally.

4. How does my writing process work?

How much time are we left to deal with our handmade crafts - make them, take photo, put on our blog? How about documenting our kids on their crafting or homelearning experiences?

I don't have a fixed process. I will take photos using my handphone camera and edit them using my laptop. I will brainstorm the topics to write on and list them in my notebook all the time. I start writing on my blog after my kids went to bed at night with music played on my radio and one cup of hot milo. Most of the time, I will create photo sneaks on my Instagram, Facebook page and Flickr accounts - search for 'joeycraftworkz' first before I blog. I don't usually draft my blog and prefer to write and publish on the spot, in case I forget. :)

Writing Process Blog Hop

This Writing Process Blog Hop is a travelling blog tour that takes place on Mondays. I love to blog, read blogs and make new friends especially those who shared the same interests. Serene from Xavvy-lious who shared the same scrapbooking interest, introduced me to this blog hop. She is a mother of two children and hosts a monthly blog linky on Chinese Fun. This provides useful ideas in teaching Chinese to children.

Next in the blog hop:
I invited Agatha from Green Issues By Agy who also shared the same interest as me - sewing. She works in the environmental sector, and love DIY. She has been refashioning (the DIY of changing an old piece of clothing into something new and more wearable) for over 10 years and she is an active member of the Singapore maker community.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Handsewpatchwork Sew-a-long Block 4 - Heart

I always looked forward to the next handsewpatchwork sew-a-long activity after I finished my current piece. It spurred me to improve my handsewing and creativity skills by selecting suitable fabric for the next block. So fun and exciting.

The fourth block was quite easy too. It is the Heart block. You can download the template and followed the tutorial via here. I practised the Y-seam yet again and had fun. Here is my Heart block. I liked the flower patterns as they seem to give me a mirror image. Somewhat.

Heart Block

Wynn mentioned that the fifth block will be challenging. I am kinda scared but also looking forward to it too. Last weekend, I went to Spotlight to buy some hand quilting threads from Gutermann as they are having a 20% sales. I wished I was there earlier as white colour was out of stock already.

Gutermann threads
Can't wait for the next sew-a-long. How about you?

July Artistic Trading Cards

I received a happy mail in my letterbox today. Yes. The July ATCs from Lennie, hostess for the month. :) I did the cards fairly quick, in fact, did together with the June ones. It was fairly easy for me as I have all the materials plus my mojo was there.

Here's my July card. The stamp for the sheep and words are from Lawn Fawn. I love their stamps but too expensive for me to collect all.

July ATC
From the group
I can't wait to start the August ATC. I am still thinking what to do.

Well, I have 1 month to ponder. :)