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Friday, May 15, 2015

Hello weekend!

For the past few days, I am keeping myself very busy till my right arm is aching and I decided to take a break from sewing. Here I am, blogging about what I did.

Last week, I bought 2 lovely books from Kinokuniya at their member sale - Patchwork Tsushin and Basic Embroidery books.

As I browsed through the Patchwork Tsushin magazine, I was captured by one of the handsewn bed quilt by 藤田久美子 or Kumiko.FUJITA (website: http://www.quiltersstudio.jp/). I wanted to handsew one for my child. Even she herself agreed to make one for her own bed.

Without much delay, I quickly prepared the template using cardboard. I used them for my fuzzy cutting for each of the blocks. I was unprepared for the amount of blocks I had to sew as it was huge for me. I did mini ones before but never at this scale.

Cardboard templates
I selected the Petite Marianne series from Lecien as my main hexagon blocks. These images suited my big hexagon blocks perfectly. The only thing was I did not have enough to cover all hexagons. I have to substitute with other designs as I only bought 1 yard.

Petite Marianne collection
I prepared and sewed the diamonds blocks, which I used pink and green colours.

Diamond blocks

I cut the triangles using my aqua and light shades of blues in my collection. As you guessed, the main colour of this bed quilt will be blue. It is currently my daughter's favorite, hopefully she will not change her mind again towards the end.

Fabrics prepared
The block was fairly easy to sew as there were no curves to tackle at all. This was the main reason for me to choose this. I do not like to sew curves esp if I had to handsew one bed quilt.

2 of the blocks
Taking shape
I calculated that I can sew 10 blocks in a week. Taking that into consideration, I will be able to finish 120 blocks in 12 weeks. Geez!!

Wish me lots of luck if you could. :)
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Saturday, May 2, 2015

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I am selling my beading books as I no longer bead. Though preloved, they are in good condition with no pencil marking and bends. Instructions are given in the book. Price is between $10-18 plus shipping. International welcome. Email me if you are interested in any of the book.

Click here to view more photos of each books.
Books for sale

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

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Ever since I bought the Quilty Fun book from Fatquarter shop and followed Lori Holt on Instagram, I always looked forward to participate in fun sew along activities. At least I could feel that I have people accompanying throughout the entire journey and do not feel lonely in a way.

My surrounding friends do not quilt nor patchwork and sometimes it is hard to explain or share my passion. Luckily I found some via the social media and most of them are from overseas. I also joined groups to get advice and inspirations.

I played along the Flowerbloom sew along via Instagram last month which I had to refer to the Quilty Fun book for instructions. I was afraid to try so I started out with one. It was sweet as described by my daughter.

First flowerblooom block
So I prepared more.

Preparing the fabrics

Some pinks and greys
It was addictive so I made some more the next day.

More and more
28 blocks
I stopped at 28 blocks as it looked huge after I layed them out on the floor. I have never done something so big before. My mind went into blank in terms of the borders and connectivity after that. Hee. So I kept the blocks aside till I am ready to pick up this quilt again. Hopefully soon.

Saturday, April 11, 2015

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It has been a long time since I last blogged about my sewing. Last checked and found it to be a month ago. Gosh! I have been busy sewing everyday without failed, as usual. Just that I did not have the time to blog about my progress. In fact, hubby just updated my computer and now I am writing past midnight. I am quite active in instagram and update my sewing journey almost everyday. If you are keen, you can check out my account - joeycraftworkz. ;)

I have lots of WIPs waiting for me to complete. I do not like to work on one project at a time as it is quite boring to do the same thing for a long period. For instance, if I am using my sewing machine, I would love to take a break and do some handsewing. Sometimes when my kids are asleep, I could not using my machine and had to handsew.

Currently, I am sewing my first lap quilt using squares. A lot of squares! I chanced upon a terrific method of sewing via Bonnie's Quiltville's Scrappy Trip tutorial. I love it!

I was kinda "force" to open up my Moda's Miss Kate jelly roll that I bought last year. Why? Because it was the perfect size to make the quilt. 2.5inch height. This is the perfect project for me to use this collection. The end result will be a 12.5inch x 12.5inch square (unfinished block).

Miss Kate Jelly Roll

Arrangement of my first block

I arranged 4 blocks and the result was as such.

4 blocks
I continued to sew more the next day and became this.

9 blocks
And more... (I had to stand up a chair to take this photo.)

12 blocks
I am only halfway through and right now I am sewing another 12 blocks to finish the lap quilt top. :) I hope to be able to finish this quilt by end April. Big E was grinning when she saw this. Me too.

Sunday, March 8, 2015

These few days, my hands were rested well after a week of hexagons English Piercing and handsewed them into a table mat. There was a great amount of satisfaction that I received from my first handsewed project. Definately not going to be the last I guaranteed. :)

Let me share the pictures with you.

I ran through my fabrics and decided to use Lecien fabrics from the 30's old collection and Retro Child's Smile. Oooh... they are simply adorable with retro vintage kind of colours.

Arrangement of the hexagons
Sewing the hexagons together
Love the handsew effect
I had some difficulties sewing the outlines of the hexagons as I had to sew 3 layers of batting, hexagons and backing fabric. I thought I could sew quickly. But no, I need to have a lot of patience and patience. The sewing took me a few days to complete even though the table mat is quite small.

After completing, I wanted to sew the edges with the hexagon finishing instead of straight lines. I browsed through the online tutorials and found Badskirt who gave a good tutorial on how to finish the way I wanted with a slight twist in mine. Instead of using full hexagons, I used half. :)

Sewing the half hexagons on the edges
This is my completed project. What do you say?



My daughter commented that the floral backing fabric looked like a garden. I said it looked very vintage. The pink border is sewed up with half hexagons.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

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I am always on a lookout in the library for some fun and easy kids craft activities. I know I could not always be creating new ideas. Library is a great source for ideas since we always go to the library to borrow books.

I found this book of ideas using washi tapes and recycle items. Even though it is in Chinese, there are photographes that you can follow if you could not read the instructions. Some projects are easy and some are quite difficult. I suggest you guide your children and prepare the materials first.

Fun tape book
We picked one of the projects and made a recycled camera using empty box, cardboard, cup, straw and lots of washi tapes. Big E decorated the camera with her favourite washi tapes.

Too bad, we did not have enough time to do more projects from the book. You can buy the book from Kinokuniya bookstore if you like to do more with your children. There are lots of fun ways to use your washi tapes in this book.

Have fun!