My Bounty of Basics Fat Quarter Box 2 - Urbanista Basic

Bounty of Basics Fat Quarters - Urbanista Basics
This box came last night at 9.30pm from Speedpost. YIPPEE! Luckily, my hubby was around at home to receive it as I was out for company's staff appreciation night.

There are 8 colours of the same pattern. In fact, there are 100 fat quarters in this tiny box. I can do so much craftwork with these, thou fat quarters are meant for quilt making. Each piece is measured 18" x 21".

Close shot

I want to share the closeup with you as I find it difficult to see from the seller's screenshot. Aren't they nice?

If you are interested to buy this, pm me. I will tell you where you can get. ;)


  1. Hi Joey, love the fat quarter BOB Box!! lucky devil... could you please email me the cheapest place you have seen them.. Thanks!

  2. Hi Kiera,
    I can't find your email address. Anyway, I bought them at fabricdepot (dot) com. So nice!


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