Proud Parents - Part 2 of Accordion Album

It has been a while that I updated my blog. Reason was simple. My house internet connection was down over the last few days. To be frank, I felt handicapped.

I am someone who likes to use laptop and mobile to surf and stay connected in a way. Even my daughter is soon to be like us. She wants to watch her you tube videos and the mobile videos we took of her. I guess she is influenced by my hubby and me. We are contemplating to buy a tablet too. (I guess it has to depend on the freelance job which will kickstart in March.)

I did this layout last week. It is part of the accordion album for my daughter. Instead of separate pages like the previous two, I decided to merge two pages into one.

Proud Parents
I think I am in need of emblishments to decorate all my layouts. I am so in love with pop-out ones that I went to Laines to source for more similar types. I will definately be using them in other pages.