Scrapbooking Storage Tip 2: Storage of Nesting Dies

I have been re-organising my scrapbook stuff for the past few days. Ya, slowly. Eager to find new "corners" to put all of them together. I think my room is going to be exploded with fabrics, scrapbook, comics, etc very soon. And hopefully, I will need to find a place to store the layouts and albums that I am going to do.

In the Scrapbook Market group, I learnt some tips from fellow member, Lynn, who shared her way of storing her nesting dies. I find it very useful to me. In the past, I used to store them in their original ziplock bags, which can be troublesome when I want to use them.

Nesting dies in their ziplock bags
Oh btw, this is just a portion of the dies I own now. ;)

Here is what I did. I bought some magnetic strips from Daiso - 20mm and 30mm thickness. I cut according to the length I want. I peeled out the adhesive and sticked to the back of the respective cover of the dies. Then I placed the dies on the magnetic strip. I put this set in a A5 protector sheet which I can file in an arch file.

Isn't this a fantastic idea? Now, I just look and know which die I need.