First pants for her

Recently, I have been scrapbooking for past few weeks, making birthday and wedding gifts, plus smashing. I have indeed neglected sewing and of course made apparels for my little one which are long overdue.

I picked up my courage to browse my Cucito magazine and selected a few apparels that I want to make for her. I have never tried sewing based on the instructions given in the magazine. Mostly it was based on research on the internet and some trial and error for apparels. It was a good start and I made a few changes to the original design.

Sewing patterns are included in the magazine. I have some problems searching for the pattern. There are a lot of different sizes and designs on one page. Once you get the hang of it, it will be a breeze. I heard from my fellow sewing friend, Rahayu that adult patterns will be more pieces and combination will be needed. Aheem... let me just start with kid's first.

Then I traced out the pattern on tracing papers. Added the allowances too.

On tracing papers
I pinned the patterns on the fabric and cut out. Btw, she picked this fabric herself cos she loves green. ;)

I have also wanted to try sewing laces. Bought this from Daiso.

I also sewed the edges using my serger.

Added my label at the back. I also inserted an elastic band on the waistline.

Presto! Here is the completed piece.

I put on the pants on my daughter.

Clear view of the laces at the bottom.

Her mouth can't stop smiling when she put on this. :) It is heartwarming to know that she remembers and recognises the apparels I made for her.

Onto my next project, now, what should I sew?


  1. very nice, very well done :) I also got a pic of myself wearing sthg my mum made, I think Edna will always love these pants

  2. Good job. THe Japanese dresses are so cute and you should try it someday!


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