Nov ATC - Reveal

Today was indeed very eventful.

First of all, I saw a lizard, lying sideway in my balcony, looking fresh. But hubby said it's dead. Shortly after, I saw a cooked, black caterpillar in my lunch pack. Only happened to have a closer look after I finished the whole pack!

Then at night, when I want to pack a small portion of my junk, I saw a hornet's nest! No wonder it liked to fly into my room... X-X

Moral of the story...I have to keep cleaning and keeping my house really tidy! I have to speed up my packing speed to uncover hidden "treasures". And most importantly, open my eyes big when eating outside food...*my appetite weaken*

Enough of my blabberness... I want to share with you my November Artistic Trading Card. Somehow, it is also an insect. Yes.. the theme was BUTTERFLY... *talk about coincidents*

First, I cut the patterned paper into the ATC size and still washi tapes and stickers...(I find that washi tapes are so useful)

Sticking with washi tapes and stickers
 Then, I added the butterflies on top of the cards. There were 5 different designs.

5 different designs
 Closer look...

Closer look
Will share my group members' design tomorrow.

Now, back to my Korean drama - Bread King on television.. it is the last episode..

Night all..