Journal cards she made for Project Life

June holidays are approaching. So will my outings be commenced. Yippee!

Just two days ago, my elder girl was so tempted to stick and paste those sticker emblishments I have for scrapbooking onto her chair. I did not gave in to her cos they are not cheap and not meant for her to paste onto her learning chair!

What I allowed her to do was to select some little ones and paste onto some of the journalling cards I have done for project life, with her photos on it. I told her specifically that she should not paste onto the photos and words, just the white space around.

She has LOTS of fun. Did not just 1 card, but at least 8 of them. The way she did was not bad at all. Great for me as I ran out of ideas in decorating. Besides, project life is all about her (for now). So she gets to design, isn't that great?

Here are some of the cards she did.