My typical day with my energetic girl

Tomorrow will be the start of the super long weekend. It will begin with Hari Raya Puasa, followed by our country's National Day. The schools are having half day celebration and it will be super busy period for me, entertaining my gals at home.

(Yes, that means I can't do any ME-stuff and my backlogs are ever growing....)

The new issue of Anpanman magazine (September issue) came out in Kinokuniya and I bought for my daughter. Maybe also for myself as I am hooked on the mechandises that can be found there. (Only can see but cannot buy)

Enclosed this time is a DVD which shows some clips of Anpanman and other cartoons. How I wish I can understand Japanese without the subtitles. We just have to watch and use our creativity to decifer what they were trying to say.

Anpanman Sept Issue
There is a particular story on the last few pages of this issue that caught my eye. Without knowing how to read the Japanese words, I used my own understanding of the characters and explained to Big E. (The english text was my own input.)

This little girl is so alike as Big E. She laughed when I told her this story as she knew she was like that as well. Almost everyday. I wondered if I were like that when I was young too. (giggling)

The National Day outfit

Happy holidays everyone!

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