Pretend-play - Anpanman

I am thankful of the freebies from the Anpanman magazine.

You must be wondering why I am thankful. If you have been following my posts closely for the past month, you realised we were searching for Anpanman related stuff in Singapore. My daughter likes to Anpanman stuff. I am also attracted to it. But sadly, it is not popular in Singapore and the only chance to buy will be imported from Japan or going to Japan or Hong Kong ourselves to get them.

With the recent visits to Kinokuniya, I found the Anpanman magazine and we were very eager to find out the freebie from each monthly issue.

Octoer issue
For the October issue, the freebie is fabulous to us. There are 2 lego blocks of the Anpanman and Baikinman aka the villian.

The foam apartment.

It is a great pretend-play for my girl. She loves it.

Wonder what will be the next freebie. Hmm.