Thankful Tuesday: Quiet Time

After a busy day looking after the kids, especially the younger one, I long for quiet time at night. Even an hour or half an hour before bedtime. I appreciate the silence for me to think about what I want to do for my handmade items and the backlogs that I hope I can fulfil one by one. Not forgetting what I want to create or prepare for my elder one to learn at home. (Strangely. the list just increase each time I read a new craftbook.)

Luckily for me, Big E loves to read. I have created this corner for her to pick her books to read or flip. I read from a book that it is important for kids to own books at home so that they can read as many times as they want of their favorite titles. We also related those she learnt from the books in our daily life and she can relate to that immediately. Yes, we did brought her to the library. But she could not read as many times as those at home. Slowly she lost interest to read the books she borrowed.

And thankfully, my husband loves to read too. He makes a point to read books to her before bedtime while I attend to the little one.

("Mummy, I want to sleep, can you sleep with me, please?")

There goes my quiet time. :)


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