Thankful Tuesday: The genes in you

Big E loves reading from a young age.

I had to thank my hubby's genes. He loves to read fiction books, online articles, etc. I don't have such genes. Probably the only books I read will be comics, craft books, sewing magazines, 8 days or I magazine. I don't like to read fiction books. Too wordy. Too boring. ;p I prefer more photographes and colours. Less words.

In my previous post, I mentioned we bought an IKEA expedit to store the books we have. Everyday without failed, Big E will pulled out some books to flip. I don't care if she can read the words. But we knew she can read more words than before. I was surprised at the amount of words she can read even though we hardly teach her.

Now, we wanted Small E to be exposed to books at a young age as well.  She bites or swings the book most of the times. At the point, I am thankful she does not tore the books.

I guess it's due to her genes again.

I managed to capture this precious moment. Looks sweet.

Reading starts from young

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