Thankful Tuesday: A hunk who spoke up for me in the train

Last week, we brought the kids out during the school holidays. We tried as much to avoid the peak hours. Unfortunately, that afternoon, we could not avoid the mad rush going home in the late afternoon.

I carried Small E in my carrier and could not have a seat to rest. Nowdays, she was quite a load to carry and stand for long. My waist and back could break any moment. I could not rest her on the pram cos her jiejie was sleeping inside.

I could only hope our station will come very soon!

Suddenly, I heard a man's voice in front of me. He asked if I need any seat? I replied "no need". I guessed he must have thought otherwise. He approached the office ladies behind me who was comfortably seated and asked if anyone could gave up her seat for me. Two of the ladies stood up and offered.

I was so grateful that I only thanked the man. (He was standing by the way.)

Did I mentioned he was a hunk?  --> Main point. :)

Some day, I will do the same in the train. Have to muster courage.

Will you do the same like the hunk?

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