Handmade vintage dolls for my kids

I was memerised by this particular fabric line called Aunt Lindy's Paper Dolls by Sibling Arts Studio, Inc. when I was browsing the internet 3 years ago. I told myself that I had to make this for Big E to play. I wanted to make something for her which it could not be bought from the malls here. I cut the dolls out from the main fabric and forgotten about it till 3 years later (Opps!)

Vintage dolls
I thought of sewing the dolls via machine but realised it was difficult. In the end, I handsewed all and stuffed up with polyester fillings. Big E helped me to fill the stuffings. I asked what will be their names. She told me the red one is called Red Riding Hood, yellow is Belle, blue is Cinderella and pink is Aurora.

Playing together

Which is your favorite? I like the blue one.

This fabric is out of production but you can buy other designs via Sibling Arts Studio LLC via their etsy shop if you are keen.