Embroidery Tote Bag

For the past two weeks, I did something that I have never thought I would do.

I signed up for an embroidery beginner level 2 class with Solely Fabrique to sew up a tote bag with a gardening design. Together with my sewing girlfriend, we spent our two weekends in a small group over 3 hours, eagerly learning how to learn new stitches and perfect existing stitches that we knew.

Our kit
I have always wanted to learn French knots and Bullion Roses, hence this is a perfect course for me to learn from an experience teacher.

Stitched up all the branches

Conquered the french knots and lazy daisy

Added more and more
The last lesson taught us how to stitch up the Bullion Roses. I was fearful at first as it is not an easy stitch. After guidance from the teacher, I did up my first rose and immediately fell in love. Due to the time constraint, I had to finish off the other 2 roses at home.

My first successful bullion rose

Completed work!

Not bad for a first timer right? I have some projects in mind that I hope I have the time to start. End year is coming and I look forward to participate in fleas and events.

Here is the tote bag.


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