Drawstring wide base lunch bags

This drawstring lunch or casual bag is handmade by me. Great piece for takeaway food or store your lunchbox and flask to work or school. You can also store your personal items, masks or hand sanitizer. For the kids, you can store small toys, small towels, notebook and stationery.

It has a wide base of 15cm.

You can use the handles or tug them into the bag. The handles allow ease of use to the restroom or hook onto your stroller or car seat.

It has a pocket inside to keep other smaller things or handphone, tissue pack, small wallet etc.

Also ideal for kids or girlfriends.

Size of bag: Approximately 32cm(length) X 23cm (height) X 15cm (wide)

Size of inner pocket: 18.5cm(length) X 11cm (height)


You can purchase at my online shop - joeycraftworkz.com.