Mattress cover for kid - For my daughter

This is one project that I yearned to do ever since I started buying fabrics online. We bought this nap-time mattress long ago but have been using the single-sized bedsheet over it. There are excess cloth sticking out on the sides and kinda dangerous as it might make us trip and fall.

After deciding which design to use, I started this project in the morning while my baby is not at home. I measured the size and gave allowance for the elastic band to fit through.

My preparation tools - Fabric, Rotary Cutter and Rotary Cutter Mat
This design is from Alexander Henry Collection - Apples + Pears. I fell in love with this as it is very appealing and can teach my daughter what are the items. The rotary cutter and mat is a MUST to have. It is so easy to use to cut the fabric. I don't have to worry that I will cut out of the line. The ruler is used as a guide for the cutter to slice through like a breeze.

The steps are:
  1. Measure your mattress size and give allowance for the elastic band to go through.
  2. Fold your fabric in half and then half again. So that it is 4 equally-sized.
  3. Cut a square-shaped at the corner. This is for the depth of the mattress.
    Cut a square at the corner
  4. Pin one side of the cut corner together, with the right side together.
  5. Sew them together. Continue to do for the 3 remaining corners.
  6. Then, sew down the casing. Remember to leave a gap for you to insert the elastic band later.
    With the elastic band
  8. Insert the elastic band into the casing.
  9. Sew the ends of the elastic band together.
  10. Close the gap by sewing together.
My masterpiece

Finally I have completed this project in one day . Actually, I took many hours to finish this as I was distracted by my daughter.

Need help on the above just drop me a mail.


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  1. Very nice. :D Time to make a co-ordinating pillow case for her? :D

  2. Yvette, not yet. Hee..Planning for some patchwork. But have no idea how to start.


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