Die-cut Machines

Ever wonder why the shapes or designs are cut out neatly and uniformly in scrapbook and cards? Well, that is the power of die-cut machine. Of course the punches can be used as well. But die-cut machines have more designs and are bigger in size than punches. I would say you need to have both. :)

I found these Die-Cutting Machine reference charts on the internet today. It is extremely useful for those who are thinking of getting a die-cut machine for your scrapbooking or craft. In fact, some of the machines can be used to cut out fabric to make applique. You can download and compare the differences. But take note that not all are sold in Singapore.

In general, there are two types - manual and electronic. Mine is Epic Six.

Oh, I almost forgot to mention. You need die-cut templates to cut the shapes you want. Some templates can be used in various machines, especially those nesting dies.

My advice is to buy them when the stores are having sales. They can be quite expensive.

Drop me a note if you have any questions about die-cut machines.

Have fun!


  1. Hi! Where did you buy your Epic Six from?

  2. Hi poonam, from JDA Singapore. Their shop is at novena square

  3. Replies
    1. Should be $200+. It was a package that you can choose dies as well.


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