Stick Together - You can always lean on me

Yesterday was my last scrapbooking class at Laine's Papeterie. Quite sad, but we did exchange our contacts and connected via facebook. Now, I have friends to share the shipping cost if we want to buy our scrapbook materials from USA. :) *clapclap*

With Ai Yen, Shirley (Instructor) and Siew Hong
At this last lesson, I did a two-pages layout. To me, it was challenging as I am more familiar with one page. (Actually it was the selection of photographes. Heh!)

I picked "Baby wearing" theme this time round. It showed different stages of me carrying Edna from 8 months to current. I used a sling when she was lighter and changed to Boba Baby Carrier to have better shoulders and back support. Now I can piggyback her to run errands and have both my hands free to carry other stuff. So far, I only know Boba brand allows you to carry your child on your back which I find it useful because of my daughter's height. Now, she can look at surroundings without my neck blocking her views. I bought at Baby Slings & Carriers at Square 2, in case you are interested to buy.

Two-page layout

Here are the individual pages. I think they are also good on their own. What do you think?

Page 1
Page 2

I like the quote - "You can always lean on me" very much. It matched my theme.

Matched "Baby Wearing" theme
Till then. :)

It is so interesting to have someone visiting my blog from countries that I have not heard before. This time, from Latvia. Hello there! :)