Vintage, anyone?

Just finished my scrapbooking lesson last wednesday. The theme of our class was vintage. To me, vintage is quite difficult to design as my surroundings are full of vibrants and colours. I have absolute NO IDEA and feared the worst!

I selected some pictures from my honeymoon in Paris. At first, I wanted to print on a brown craftpaper, but they turned out bad and the ink came off. Sigh! I have no time to develop them in serpia tone. No choice. I brought my original to class.

It turned out not bad, I would say.

Finished work in class
Cut out the Effiel Tower Photo
Some roses at the bottom

Then I added the title at the bottom after I came home from class. (No time to do it in class)

je t'aime

Here is my final piece of vintage work.

I don't mind doing another vintage now. :)