Cashew Festive Fair

On 18 Dec, I participated in Cashew Festive Fair, held at Bukit Panjang housing estate. It was organised by Homemart Square and Cashew Zone 2 RC. It was quite fun for me as it was my first to sell my handmade stuff there.

The handmade banner by the committee

I made my way there at about 8.30am. Due to the stoppage of the train for maintenance and tests in the morning, I had to take a bus to the interchange and took a bus down there. The bus was very crowded. I was carrying my faithful IKEA bag with my trolley. Luckily I had a seat on the bus.

Faithful bag
I setup my booth at a cozy area.

My booth
The event started at 10am. Besides my handmades, I have also prepared some owl signages for the art and craft workshop. It was my first time participating in an art and craft workshops for kids. For a start, I have two little boys who were interested in making them. Teaching kids were so refreshing and fun! I had one girl who kept calling me "teacher teacher". So cute!

My creation
One happy customer
Though there were occasional rains, which started and stopped many times, I had fun there, chatting with customers and fellow crafters. Interactions with the kids and mums inspired me to create more.

Time to put on my thinking cap soon! Merry Christmas to all!