MAAD event @Red Dot Museum - 9 Dec 2011

Hi Everyone,
Finally I have the time to update my blog on the recent MAAD event held last friday at Red Dot Museum. (I was resting and fulfilling some orders.) I was situated outside the museum, along Maxwell Road. I picked a spot which was just in front of the traffic lights, opposite Ministry of National Development building.

On my way to the museum, I took a cab there (I had two big bags.). During the journey, I chatted with the driver and discovered he used to participate in fleas as well. He shared some business tips and places that I can try out to sell my stuff. Quite interesting!

I reached the place at about 3.45pm (reporting was 4pm). It was drizzling and I was demoralised as I did not know if I can still setup outside or will the organiser move us inside. While waiting inside the hall, I chatted with a crafter who was alone. Her name is Jael. She is a visual artist (I took a picture with her, do read on.). We helped each other to setup our booths outside. I told her we should picked a spot where the building light was just above us.

The organiser provided us with a wooden briefcase, a chair and a table lamp (I did not used it, because it was quite bright under the building light). The measurement of the booth was 80cm x 50cm.

Briefcase - provided by MAAD
Luckily the rain stopped at about 4.30pm. I quickly setup my booth, layered the briefcase with my favourite yellow water-resistant table cloth that I bought at Daiso.

My humble booth
I added my shop signage on top and some Christmas decorations on the top and jungle bells at the bottom.

Closer look

Proud me!
While waiting for the nearby office workers to knock off at about 5.30pm, something happened to us. Yes, we were ALL stinged by mosquitoes! In fact, I have beaten 3 of them and 1 had blood. So a word of advice on those who intend to setup outside, bring insect repellant and tiger balm.

Soon, it was evening time. I managed to close my first sale. Yes, it was the large cat tissue pack cover. My customer, Audrey came after her work to collect the Christmas cushions that she bought from me.

My cousin, Jacqueline came after her work and helped me managed the booth with me. She was also my runner for dinner and drinks. Thanks cuz!

With my cousin Jacqueline

While in my spare time, I chatted with the crafters on my left and right. Actually, it was just three of us at the far right side of the museum. Heh.

On my left side of the booth was Soul Print - Jael and Jasmine. She sold handmade rings on tiles and decals and drawings and clothes.

This is Jael.
On my right was Barang Shop - Phoebe and her two lovely kids. She sold handmade bags & accessories, patterns & supplies. Most of the time, we were talking about raising of kids and more fleas.
With Phoebe and her two kids
My friends came after their work too.

With Sylvia, my snacks buddy at ex workplace
With Shi Hua, my sec. sch classmate
I was glad that the night was windy and cooling. Not much of a crowd I must say, but it was eye opening for me as I was dealing with different profiles of people. I could not comment the crowd inside the museum. It was definately nice to meet up with my facebook fans, like Audrey and Hwee Mei. Their appearances encouraged me to work hard on my products and participate in more fleas in the future.

Soon, it was midnight. I began to pack up and return the briefcase and table lamp. One of the best part of the night was that I had a free ride home, if not, I had to walk to Clarke Quay to take night rider bus home. Thanks Shi Hua!

Btw, I will have 2 more fleas on 17th and 18th Dec. That will be the last fleas in december. Shall update them in my blog and facebook fanpage.

Last but not last, do remember the giveaway day tomorrow!