A pleasant surprise

This week is a crazy week for me. I have been cutting fabric, sewing, ironing and packaging non-stop. Not forgetting the two fleas I went over the weekend. I am physically exhausted, but it is a totally new experience compared to working in an office. At this time, it was a lull period then. I remembered shopping and eating with colleagues and friends. Hee.

Thanks to my hubby who was diligently helping me to cut the Christmas Tags, which I gave one to each item sold. This will save my customers to buy one outside.

One of the design
I met up with one of my customer, Hwee Mei to deliver the items to her yesterday. We chatted and realised she is a friend of my hubby's friend. The world is small eh? To my surprise, she gave me a box of biscuit curls from Marks and Spencer as an appreciation. It was soooo nice of her. I consider it as my first Christmas present. :)

I shall update the blog on the last two fleas soon. Time for dinner now. :) (This biscuit curls photo made me hungry.)