Chinese New Year Warehouse Shopping

Yesterday was a long day. My parents and family went out early in the morning to gather at our nearest Resident Committee Centre. What were we doing there? Well, we took part in an activity organised by them. Yes! For shopping of Chinese New Year goodies at warehouses.

Our first stop was at Hosen. They are famous for their canned products, eg longans, lychees, etc. I did not buy much as we hardly eat canned food.

Right outside their gate. HUGE!
As usual, she loves to sit on the trolley
Our next stop was at Tai Sun. They are famous for their nuts and tibits! Great to store up for Chinese New Year. I bought a few of their goodies - crackers!

Tai Sun
She is looking at the variety at the top
Later on, there was a heavy rain. I could not take a shot at the gate. We went to Afco East to buy seafood and frozen ones. My father bought fishes and prawns.

We had lunch at West Coast Hawker Centre. Too many stalls to choose from. If you prefer aircon, the West Coast Plaza is just opposite. The rain became heavier and heavier but that did not dampened our mood.

We continued the journey to Bee Cheng Hiang. In the journey, the organiser gave us riddles to guess and share jokes with everyone. It was light-hearted and fun.

The logo I took inside the tentage
Edna just woke up from her nap on bus. Looked blur.
People, people, people
How could we not buy Bak Gua (bbq pork slice) and eat? I had a piece for breakfast and teabreak today. I don't think there will be any more left by Chinese New Year. :)

Our last stop was at 15 Woodlands Loop. You will be surprised at the number of food suppliers there, selling their stuff. Personally, I found this shop called Xin Ping Xiang very outstanding.

Outside their shop
Do you know they have Bak Gua that are made of duck meat? Mixed with red wine? Mixed with Balachan? You heard of these before?

At about 3pm, we left the vicinity and home sweet home.

I will participate the shopping trip again with the Resident Committee next time. Have you started your shopping yet?