MAAD - Friday the 13th

Last friday was the first friday the 13th in January 2012. I participated in MAAD at red dot museum again. My first one was in december 2011.

At the booth
The difference for this month was that I was given 2 booths instead of 1. I have more space to display my handmades for sale, thanks to my cousin who took half day to help me with the setup and teardown at the end.

Front look
Added my earrings for sale in the evening
The crowd was much lesser than the december period. Maybe it was due to the upcoming CNY or nobody seems to be bothered to buy something for themselves or friends straight after X'mas. However, I met up with nice crafters, Joyce and Jenny who were on my both sides. Gee, our names start with "J". So coincident.

Well, I will be packing up for the upcoming CNY and hopefully, will have time to post the earrings online for sale as well in the blog and facebook.

Wish all an early Dragon year!