New Year's Celebration

Happy 2012 to all! Hope you had a great celebration and enjoyed your holidays before school commence for your kids tomorrow.

How did you celebrate the new year? For me, my best friends came to my house. One of them made sushi and handrolls for dinner. I helped her and learned how to make. It was quite easy but tedious. Another made Chawanmushi and it was so smooth like restaurant-made. There are some ingredient leftovers. Will try to make them myself before they turned bad.

Home-made sushi
The dinner was like buffet to me. We started eating since 6+pm and ended about 11pm. In addition to the sushi and chawanmushi, we also had bbq chicken wings, satay, oyster omelette and fried toufu. We skipped the ice cream as we could not eat anymore.

We went to Woodlands Civic Plaza for the countdown. On midnight, the fireworks started. We did not have to travel to the town to enjoy them. Wow! They were nice and colourful.

Taken from my mobile camera
Today is another rest day. My daughter will be going to preschool tomorrow. I am so excited!

Happy New Year to all again. :)