Scrapbook Market Gathering

Recently, I discovered a new group called Scrapbook Market in Singapore. It consists of old and new scrappers sharing knowledge of scrapbooking and best of all - selling their extra stash, or rather, unused stash.

Last saturday was an important day for most of us. :) How come? Well, almost 30 of us were there, meeting up as a buyer and/or seller outside Toast Box at Plaza Singapura in the morning.

It was extremely fun as that was our first gathering. I think it was real nice to have a face-to-face session. Some of us paid for our loot, while others sold their stash.

I was paying for my purchase at the background.
I brought my camera and took a group photograph at some point in time. A pity that some of us were late or run an errand and they were not in this photograph.

Want to see what I bought? Here you go.

My loot
90% are stamps!! Wah!

I also received some RAKs too. RAKs = Random Act of Kindness = Freebies!

Till we meet again for our next round of "illegal" gathering.

Happy Dragon Year to all!


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