Scrapbooking Storage Tip 1: Storage of my Maya Road ribbons

It is February and Chinese New Year will be ending soon. So does my "holidays".

I started packing some scrapbook stuffs that I bought over the past few weeks, re-organising them. Do you remember my previous post about how I can store my Maya Road ribbons?

Messy pile
Well, my friends in Scrapbook Market have given me some tips and showed pictures of how they store their ribbons. One of them used the plastic spools from Spotlight and tugged them nicely in partition storage boxes. I think that is a good idea. Maybe I can store some of the bigger rolls using that method.

Last night, I looked at the messy pile again and decided to wrap them in white note and tape. I used my old storage box to store and sort by colours. Previously, this box was to store my bigger beads. Now, it is recycled and I can place the Maya Road ribbons in there.

Neat pile
Maybe I should decorate the outer box using my RAKs. Oh well, there is another project to do. ;)