Cairnhill Community Centre Flea

Awww... what a day to start. It was already raining since 3am+ and never seem to stop when I left the house early in the morning for the setup of the flea at Cairnhill Community Centre today. I wished I can stay longer in bed on a cozy morning. ;(

I was pulling my IKEA bag and my pink umbrella in the rain to the train station. The wind was strong too. I managed to reach there 15 mins before the start of the event.

My booth
This time round, we were not given any table to display our stuff. I brought my groundmat from my IKEA bag and laid my stuff on top of it. My feedback was that it was challenging for the customers as they need to kneel down or squat to look at my goods.

Oh well, my neighbours were nice. One of them used to work in marketing and the other just quitted her job to do full time selling her clothes and accessories. I learned a lot from her as she shared her flea experiences with me. Thou sales were bad, however, the amount of advice I gained was far more.

I shall look around for interesting flea to participate. Maybe somewhere in the middle of Singapore?