Future Artist?

I was totally busy, busy, busy at the SmartKids Asia Fair at Singapore Expo these days. No time to do my crafts actually but glad to finish my March ATC on Wednesday for submission.

Next to the fair, there was a Popular Expo Sale too. I went there after my work as they closed at 10pm. This was the list of things that I bought so far:

1. Laminating machine - Aurora
2. Laminating pouches - A6 and A4 sizes
3. Stationeries
4. One colouring book for E
5. Crayons and colour pencils

I showed her the colouring book, crayons and colour pencils. She was so thrilled and wanted to start colouring immediately. She learned colouring in her class and I wanted her to "practise" at home. Ya, called me a kiasu parent. ;p

But she enjoyed it. The best part was she surprised us by using the colour pencil and outlined the letters - a, c and d on the respective pages. Simply amazing!

Maybe I should get her another book?