World IP Bazaar

Ooooh! I was so glad to participate in this World Intellectual Property Bazaar held at Toa Payoh Hub today. Though I started 2 hours after commencement, I was glad to see so many people who appreciated handmades. Yes, handmades, not second hand or factory made.

My booth layout

In addition to the bazaar, there were performances and best of all, free movie screening of Toy Story 3!!

Tomorrow, there will be performances by local singers - JJ Lin, Derrick, Dick Lee, Chen Wei Lian, etc at 6pm. If you are planning to go down to watch their performance, don't forget to support the stalls. (BTW, I will not be there on 25 April).


  1. I admire your drive and passion. Keep sewing and love your works!

    1. Thanks Eunice. I admire you even more! I have not started on sewing much for my little one yet. ;)


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