Booklet that I made at the copic stitching workshop

OMG! It is May now!

It seems to me that I have lots of projects to do than before. I was talking to my hubby just now on the topic of SAHM vs Working Mum. We both agreed that I am busier now than before. Lots of things on my plates. However, I get to do my own things and watching E grows up. What more can I asked for?

Last month, I attended a workshop on Copic Stitching, thanks to Juanna for sharing on her blog. I was curious to find out how on earth we can bind papers into a book using stitching.

My finished book
This workshop was organised by The Little Happyshop. It was indeed a fun day, learning how to stitch and bind a book.

I hope to revise my sewing skills and able to use my fabric stash. What a great combination of fabric and scrapbook. ;)

Does that mean I can buy more? Opps....