Books that I read during leisure

I have been busy smashing till I think I am overdosed - completed 21 pages within a week. Haha. It is time to take a short break from it and focus on other stuff.

During my leisure, I love to read and flip on books and magazines on sewing. They balanced me with the busy schedules I have at home, tending E and housechore stuff. Currently I am reading these 2 magazines that I bought from Kinokuniya.

Cotton Time
This Cotton Time magazine gives me lots of inspiration to sew and create. I am admiring all the beautiful fabrics and stuff they made. Envy Envy! I wished I know Japanese language so as to read the articles they have.

Saw this Cucito magazine in the store the other day. I was so happy that it has chinese version now. However, it is more expensive than the Japanese version. I was thinking if I should buy the Japanese version instead because of the cost. The thought of unable to read the language frustered me quite a bit. I guess, it will be chinese for now, till I start sewing. Saw some nice clothings that I can make for E. *happy*

E also loves to read, thanks to her father's gene. I used to borrow thick pages books because I am afraid she will start tearing them. Now she is older, I feel safer borrowing paper ones. These are her current favorite books. She will keep reading more than once everyday. I have to create different scenrios when I read with her to make it interesting.

Dora and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse books
I guess, it is time to go to the library to search for more Dora and Mickey Mouse books. Otherwise, I have to repeat the same again.

Happy reading!