Important tools for Smashing

So fast... today is the last sunday of the month and most of the kids are having their school holidays now. Not mine thou, as her holidays will start in the mid June. Might as well, so that she can learn more in class and I will have more time to SMASH. *LOL*

Two hands up for smashing! So far, I have completed 15pages of 38 photographes. Since I prefer to smash, I purchased another 3 more smash books, thanks to AiYen for organising the spree. That will make 7 books in total. The other 2 designs - Yellow and Wedding are not in my list.

There are 2 important tools that I want to share that made my smashing easier.

1. The Printer

Canon Selphy CP800
Jesslyn introduced to me this photo printer, which I can print at the comfort of my home, 24 x 7. I can print 2 photos one on postcard size paper. Great size for smashing and save cost too. Will be going to the upcoming PC Show to buy more photo papers. Oh btw, the printer cartridge will print the exact number of sheets per pack. Eg, if the pack is for 36 sheets, the cartridge will be able to print 36 times. So you do not have to worry about the lack of certain colours as compared to normal colour printer.

2. Washi tapes

My current possession
Thanks to SBM, I have learnt the wonders of the washi tapes. These are great to decorate the pages in the smash book. I think I don't have enough designs. Will be getting more at the scrapbook shops. Hehe.

Other tapes
I also have other tapes from Daiso and other places. These are smooth surface, however they are not as versatile as the washi tapes as they are more sticky and you can't tear out and stick again. But I loved their designs. Good for gift wrapping.

E and hubby are very pleased with my smashing of activities. *pat myself*. :) Gambatte!

Will share more in the next post. Happy Sunday!