SMASH stuff

I wanted to go out today, however, my gal had her jab this morning and hubby said we better rest at home. She was very brave for a young child. She looked at the doctor and saw her jabbed on her arm, though the doctor tried to divert her attention elsewhere. Immediately, she cried when the pain started. Luckily it was not for long.

We brought her to eat ice cream at Macdonalds to appease her. It was so funny looking at her, trying to lick the ice cream.

I have been sewing for the past weeks and neglected scrapbooking. Just bought the Canon Selphy CP800 printer through a friend's recommendation. I would love to develop photographes at the comfort of my home so that I need not to accumulate and delay the scrapbooking part.

I bought some SMASH books and accessories last month. I have not decided what to do with them.

My 4 SMASH books currently
Better use my Selphy printer and decide which SMASH book to use.

Have a great weekend.