Another artist in the family

E is currently having her school holidays. Her mummy is busy organising activities for her to do during this period, hence no spare time to do her own crafts or smashing.

I went crazy looking at activity books and free downloadable packs. Now, my printers and laminating machine are busy, working overtime as well. I have only myself to blame, as I never prepared way before her holidays. *haiz*

On one fine day, I discovered that she loved to paint than colour with colour pencils or crayons. I decided to bring out my acrylic paints for her to paint. Alas!! Then I realised the paints were difficult to wash off as they were oil based. I had to throw away the brushes and paint palette. Went to the bookshop again and grabbed the poster colours instead.

I also discovered that instead of using normal white printing paper, I used drawing block to print the pictures. The drawing block can better absorbed the poster colour and it won't create holes when the brush was too wet.

Artist at work
She knew how to hold the brush. I was impressed. She wanted to use all the 12 colours in the box. I guess she just wanted me to put the colours in all the slots of the palette.

7 paintings
In one hour, she painted 7 shapes pictures. One of the longest staying power activity I gathered. Maybe another artist in the family?? Will share more next time.