Hand bouquet that I did for wedding

After a short break in smashing, I decided to continue to be SMASH CRAZE...

Here are the steps that I gave myself so that I won't forget any.

Step 1: Select photos to print - in progress
Step 2: Organise the photos
Step 3: Pick the SMASH book
Step 4: SMash Smash ......

There are hundreds and hundreds of photos to look through and edit. Huge task!

I was looking at the folders and saw a hand bouquet that I did for my sister's ROM 2 years ago.

Flowers that she picked from the florist

Selected the better ones and arranged into a cube-like shape.


Added ribbons!

Presto! The hand bouquet
My sister was delighted with my bouquet! It can passed off as purchased from the florist. ;)

Shall added these photos into my smash album.