Jun ATC Sneak

It was a VERY VERY HOT day today. Even night time too. Best of all, our aircon is spoilt which we don't intend to buy a new one. Who knows, maybe we have to blast two fans in our bedroom. haa.

I had no idea what to do for the June ATC design. Michelle is the hostess for the month. The theme she gave was DOODLE.

Doodle? I am bad at drawing ah! The game - Draw Something, never helped much. I had stopped playing since no friends wanted to continue the games.

So, I delayed and delayed till last night, something came up. Maybe due to the painting sessions I had with the little one.

Here's a sneak:

Studio Calico's Wood Veener
I quite like the wooden feel from Studio Calico. I have the birds, people, banners, cameras, travel.. maybe I will want to get other new designs when they are for pre-ordering. hmmm..

Anyway, I have finished the ATC within 2 hours. Very simple. Will share more when I have received the rest.

Happy Weekend!