Shadowbox Layout for my good, old friend

Just finished my Shadowbox layout for my good, old friend, Ivan and his lovely family. The size of shadowbox is 9" x 9", just nice for a gift I feel.

I have not been doing a layout for some time now. But I am glad that it turned out better than expected. I used washi tapes on the top right corner. *grin* Indeed, the power of washi tapes are better than expected. Thanks to my facebook scrapbooking friends.

Family quote on top of the washi tapes

With flowers and ribbon....
Flowers and Bobbin Ribbon

Inside the shadowbox
Hope they like it when they see the actual piece.

Now I have the inspiration to make one for my 2 best friends for their upcoming birthdays in July.

If you are interested to make one for yourself or as a gift to someone, you can contact me at

Happy Friday!