Training her motor skills

School holidays are ending this weekend which means I will have more ME time soon. :) Crafty mummy brought out her new "secret weapon" for her little one to play - playing dough.

There are many dough toys sold in the market. Some are expensive, some are cheap. For a start, I bought one from Daiso, my favorite store which just cost $2. There are 10 different colours and there is a cow mould on top of the container. One thing to note is the dough is oily for a start, but it will be less oily after playing.

Holding her new toys
As usual, we played on her blue Ikea table in the living room. She picked her favorite green colour to begin with.

Rolled the dough into a ball
Pressed on top of the mould
Slicing the dough
She loves to slice and cut using a toy knife. Must have watched too much kitchen related youtube videos. Especially the Anpanman kitchen, the kitchen is so beautiful.

Trying to be serious
She loves this new activity. Shall rotate with other activities so that she will not get "sick" of this. Her concentration level is not bad for this - an hour seated on her chair.

Shall be painting numbers later this afternoon. Her request to paint 4, 5, 6 & 7. Don't ask me why she picked them. Kids have their own set of minds.

So what have you been doing with your kids?