Chicky Dress

It is yet another weather changing day. It was sunny in the morning and now it is raining heavily. Oooh, my laundry.....

Enough of my grumbling, today I wanted to share my latest creation for my daughter. I took a few days to finish. It was my first time, putting on a pocket, added sleeves and bias on the neck. But fun overall. Will improve my production time... certainly...

Told her I will be making a dress for her the other day. She picked this chicky design amongst the fruits and flowers. As usual, I traced out the design from Cucito magazine, cut the fabric and started sewing.

How I tackle the pockets?

1. I sewed the top of the pockets.
2. Then on the left and right bottom, I sewed the corners, using the biggest stitch.
3. I pulled the strings so that it will gathered.

Back of the pockets

 4. I cut the size of the pocket on a cardboard.

5. I inserted the cardboard into the pockets.

Inserted the cardboard
6. I ironed the sides. And they are done.

I pinned the pockets on the front of the dress

Pockets on the front
For me, I added a yellow ribbon to make it stand out a bit.

Yellow ribbon
After that, I added the yellow bias on the neckline.

Pinned the bias
Lastly, the sleeves.

Finally, the dress.

Chicky dress
The bias tied up
I am in love with cotton lace trim... added on the sleeves and bottom of the dress.

The sleeve with lace trim
Lace trim at the bottom

And the model....(after coaxing her to put on)

Full dress
Bend down
Side view
Hope you like it as much as us. ;)